How To Block And Unblock A User On

How To Block And Unblock A User On

How To Block A User From The Website.

Like every other sugar daddy website, every user seeking to come has an option to block other users. When someone is threatening you or sending inappropriate messages that displeases you, you can decide to block that member. Blocking a user prevents them from viewing your profile and sending messages to you. When you block a user, you can still see the person's profile and send messages to them, but you can't get any response from them.

  • 1. To block a user on the website, click on the person's user profile.

  • 2. You'll find three dots (ellipses) on the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • 3. Among the options, then click on "Block." Note that blocking a member is a permanent action.

How To Block Users On The Mobile App

Seeking arrangement has a classic mobile app version that works perfectly on Android and iOS devices. You can get almost all the functionalities on the website when using the app. Since most people spend more time on the app, it is important to know how to block a user at any time to ensure that you have control over your account.

  • 1. To block a user on the mobile app, click on the user's profile.

  • 2. you'll find a navigation bar at the top right corner.

  • 3. When you click on the navigation bar, click on "block" from the drop-down menu to successfully block the user.

How To Block A User On The Mobile Site

If you're using the mobile site to login into your account, you can also block any member. Blocking a user is simply preventing them from having access to you. There might be frustrating members that act irresponsibly, disrespect or try to scam you. Reporting these people might not be enough. Blocking such users might be the best option.

  • 1. To block a user on the mobile site, you first need to click on their profile.

  • 2. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the profile.

  • 3. Select "block(username)" to permanently prevent that user from sending you messages, viewing your profile, and disappear from the search option.

How To Unblock On

When you want to block any user, you need to be sure that blocking is the best option. With the recent upgrades on, blocking a user is a permanent action, which means when you block a user, you cannot unblock them again. There is no menu on the website or mobile app the allows members to unblock users. It is very important that you carefully decide whether to block a user or not.

When you need to unblock a user or you probably blocked by mistake, you will have to contact customer support if they might help you.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Seeking Arrangement

Firstly, you need to be aware that blocking is a permanent action. When you get pissed off, threatened, or displaced by a member, you can decide to block them. When you block a user, they can no longer view your profile, see your photos, and send messages to you. Blocked users cannot see your profile on their search results.

Blocking prevents further harassment from the users you have blocked.

How To Access Blocked Profiles

When you block a user, you can still access their profile if the user does not block you. Although you might not be able to receive messages from them, you can still send messages to them and view their profile. You can access your blocked members by typing their username in the search bar, which directs you to their profile page. Their profile information and photos remain visible to you even when you have blocked them. The blocked users are the ones with restrictions.

How To Tell If Someone Has Blocked You On

Seeking arrangement uses a standard message to show whether an account has been deactivated, suspended, or blocked. If you want to know whether someone has blocked you, try sending messages to them. If you're unable to send a message to the user, you probably might have been blocked. Although you won't be able to send messages to either a suspended or deleted account, if you can receive messages from the user, the person has blocked you. You can no longer see the profile of a member that has blocked you, even in the search results.

Difference Between A Blocked And Deleted Account

Sometimes, it might be difficult to ascertain where a user deleted their account or block you since both have a similar effect. Either way, you would neither be able to access the person's profile nor send messages. You are likely to see "page not found" - a standard message From seeking arrangement when you try to view the user's profile. If you're still able to receive messages from the user, such a user must have blocked you. If you can't receive any message and you're unsure whether you've been blocked, you can simply create a free dummy account (no need to go premium) and contact the user with that account. If you're able to send messages to the user through the dummy account, the user's account is active, and you must have been blocked.

Difference Between Deactivated And Blocked Account

Deleting and deactivating your account are too similar processes. The major difference between them is that deleting your account is permanent, while that is your account is temporary. You can reactivate a deactivated account, but you can't undo a deleted account. Moreover, you can only deactivate your account when you are using the mobile app. You will require the website version to delete your account.

When a user deactivates his/her account, sending and receiving messages from any user is halted. When you block another user, p you can't receive messages from only that blocked user. You might decide to deactivate your account if you want to move on to other things and you think you wouldn't have time. You can always come back to reactivate your account and start sending and receiving messages again.

Thus, deactivating your account makes you inactive on the platform, while blocking an account or being blocked prevents you from receiving or sending information, respectively. In conclusion, you can block any user on the website or mobile app.

Either way, blocking is a prominent action, which means you cannot unblock a user that you are blocked.

Blocked users can no longer send messages to you, but you can still view their profiles and send them messages. As a member, you should know the difference between a deactivated account, deleted account, and a blocked user.

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