How to Change Location on SeekingArrangement

Mobile App

If you are using Seeking Arrangement on your smartphone, then changing your location is very easy.

  1. Login:

    Firstly, log in using your email and password.


  2. Click on more:

    Then click on more in the bottom right of your screen.

    click on more

  3. Edit your profile:

    A series of options will become available and you must click “Edit your profile”.

    click “Edit your profile”

  4. Little pen symbol:

    Once you have done this, you should see your profile photo or the avatar that is given automatically and below it should be your current location. Next to this should be a little pen symbol which is for you to edit it.

    click on little pen symbol

  5. Type:

    Type in your location in the “Primary Location” box and click it when it appears while you are writing it.


  6. Save:

    Finally, click the + button at the end of the “Primary Location” box and your location should now be updated.


Mobile Site

If you are opting to use Seeking Arrangement on a mobile browser rather than on the app and you want to add a new location, then the process is equally as simple.

  1. Login:

    Your first step is always to login.


  2. Click the button:

    And then you need to click the button right in the top right corner.

    click the button right in the top right corner

  3. Edit profile:

    From the list that appears, click on “edit profile”.

    click on “edit profile”

  4. Click on “Locations”:

    Another list should appear on your screen with “Basic info” and “personal info” at the top. Click on “Locations” that should be fourth in the list, and you will be taken to a screen with the heading “Primary Location”.

    Click on “Locations”

  5. Type:

    Press on the “Edit” button in red and start typing your desired location.

    Press on the “Edit” button

  6. Click add location:

    When it is in the box, click add location and the different location will be your primary one now.

    Click add location

Desktop Site

For the users of the desktop site, it is also a very easy process to change to different locations.

  1. Login:

    Log in and then click on your avatar or profile picture in the top right.


  2. Edit profile:

    You will once again be able to click on the “Edit profile” button and will have a list with “Location” in it.

    click on the “Edit profile” button

  3. Add Location:

    Press on “Location” and then on “Edit” on the following page and you will be able to “Add Location” and you can even add several locations.

    Press on “Location” and then on “Edit”

  4. Save:

    Type in your address and then update your location and your profile will be updated.

    your location and your profile will be updated

Automatic Updates

If you are wondering whether Seeking Arrangement automatically changes your location, then you should know that it will not, and it will keep the location that you entered as your primary location. You can let it automatically find your address while changing it but it will not change your location without you.


You can easily change your location as many times as you would like on Seeking Arrangement, on the mobile site, the mobile app or the desktop site. Seeking Arrangement wants to help people find an arrangement that will suit them, and location can be important to that. If you live in several locations, you can change them manually while you move between them or you can keep your main location if you prefer.

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