29 Best Dating Sites & Apps for Cougars & Cubs

Best Cougar Dating Sites

People think that the life of a cougar is all about extramarital affairs and all but it's not always true. The life of any cougar is pretty normal. People are getting aware of this thing via movies and live talk shows etc. With the increase in awareness about this topic the establishment of cougar dating sites happened. Many popular dating sites are in demand these days. The best cougar dating sites are olderwomendating, cougarlife, bumble, ourtime, etc.


Some of the best cougar dating apps & sites are described here, have a look at them:


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    The mobile phone app of this site is also available. If you are looking to date an older woman then this site is perfect. This site has more female users than male ones. You can search for a profile according to your hobbies and all. However, to send messages you will need a membership plan only after that you can access the message feature in both site and app. This is among the top cougar dating apps in the market.


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    Agematch is the largest cougar dating site with more than 8 million users. This site was established 20 years ago, hence the oldest among all. This site is perfect for those singles who are looking for a committed relationship that leads to marriage. You can also find new friends here. However, to send a message to any user you need to buy a paid plan for this site.


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    This is the oldest and most popular platform for cougar dating. Currently, cougars have more than 2 million users. On average 2000 new profiles are made on this site every day. Sugardaddymeet is a growing platform for cougars and cubs to find a beneficial mutual relationship .


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    This site is very popular these days. But if you are looking for a long-term relationship or committed relationship then this site is not for you. On this site, you will find a very open-minded environment. If you are looking for a night stand and hook up then this site is ideal for you. You will get a judgment-free zone here for you. However, some scam is also present on this site.


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    Among the list of best cougar dating sites, this one is on the top. Women looking for extramarital affairs with younger men are perfect for this site. You can do casual dating and flirt here. This site is not for a committed relationship most of the people come to this site just for hookups.

  • 6. BUMBLE

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    This app focuses more on women's empowerment. Only women can send the first message to their respective younger male match. Once they find their match there will be a 24 hour time period to send a message. After 24 hours the match will disappear from the profile. This cougar dating app is user-friendly and easy to access. However, this app does not provide you with a manual search option. These are the only cons of this app.


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    This Is another dating site for cougars and cubs. This is a completely free cougar dating site cougars but this site is not very attractive. But there's no hidden paid service on this site. But this is an outdated site or cougar cub dating.


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    This site was launched in 2006. This is a very old site so when you will open this site you will not find any modern graphics and designs. This site is denied by most of the users because of the large number of ads on this site and the fake profile display of some users. They even ask you for a paid subscription which has no benefit in the end.


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    The users of this site believe that age is just a number when it comes to love and relationships. This site is perfect for a long-term relationship between a cougar and a cub. You can find your ideal match here. This site receives more than 10 lakh new users every month. However many fake account reports have been found here and the membership plan for this site is also very expensive. But overall it is one of the best sites for cougar cub dating.


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    This cougar dating site is among the user-friendly sites. Here you will find both paid and free services. Even the paid services are very affordable. The site has very nice designs for its users. Along with all these pros, there are some cons to this site. The load time on this site is very low, you will see many unnecessary ads here. Overall it's good for dating and hookups with cougars.

  • 11. EHARMONY

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    This site was launched in 2000 and it is based in Los Angeles. This site is for almost everyone including cubs and cougars. This site is also suitable for same-gender dating as this feature was recently added to this site. For long-term dating this site is perfect. Also, this is among the trustworthy sites because it is quite an old site and the users here are very broad-minded.


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    On this site, you will find most of the users from either the UK or Canada. The age group of the users lies between 30 to 50 years. you will find a perfect partner here with the same hobbies and desires as you. Different races and cultures are found here. This site is full of modern designs, it's a very eye-catching site and user-friendly too.


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    This dating app is popular among cougars. This site is not for serious dating purposes but if you are looking for some hookups then this site is perfect. You need to take the membership plan to excess some of its features otherwise this app is very easy to handle and quick to learn. You can find your perfect match near you anytime with the help of this app.


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    This site is a perfect place to find a hot cougar and handsome-looking cubs. It is good for casual relationships and one-night stand dates. The best thing about this site is that you can check anyone's profile without creating an account on this. Although it's very clear that this site is not for serious relationships as the users here directly post sexual content to their profiles. This site is among the best cougar hookup sites.


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    If you are looking for a pure cigar cub dating site then this site is a perfect option. This site is made especially for the cougar who is looking for a relationship. You can find both casual dating and long-term dating partners here. It depends upon your choice what you are looking for.

  • 16. OURTIME

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    This site is for women over 50 to search for a younger partner. You can use the free trial service of this site but to send a message you will need to buy the premium package, however, the package cost is not much. This site doesn't do profile verification during the time of signup hence the chances of scams on this site are very high.


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    This site is made for the younger males who are looking for physical relationships with older women . However, the number of older women on this site is very low. Most of the time you interact with a fake profile. This site receives a good amount of monthly visitors. Around 24000 people visit this site monthly.


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    This is among the best online dating apps to find love at any age. This app has more than 9 million users. To find your compatible match this app gives you the assignment to find the perfect match for you. This is a cougar dating app for android and iphone.


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    The ratio of males and females on this site is 20-80. Hence the number of women is high on this site. However, many fake women's profile cases have been registered. But this site is only for cougar cub dating. Good for hookups and sexual relationships.


When we talk about cougar and cub dating then lesbian cougar dating sites and apps are also available in the market. Because love doesn't see gender or age. Here are some popular cougar dating apps for lesbian.

  • 1. BICUPID

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    If you are looking for a younger lesbian for dating then this site is perfect for you. This is a very easy-going site. You will find your match here easily and in a very short period. All the profiles on bicupid are fully verified hence the chances of scams are very low here.


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    This site is made for casual dating just for flirting and hookup purposes. There are both men and females on this site. But here the chances are very high that you will find a lesbian partner. The users on this site are very open-minded. This site is very easily accessible on phones and PCs.

  • 3. LDATE

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    The reviews of this site are not very good. People seem to be not satisfied with this site. This site stopped taking non-membership profiles. You can find matches from any corner of the world but many trust issues have been found on this site. This site has been in the market for the last 12 years but still doesn't succeed in winning people's trust.


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    This site is specially made for lesbian cougars to help them in finding their perfect partner. This site was launched from canada. You can look for an eternal bond as well as a casual relationship here. Users here are broad-minded and this site cross-checks the profiles of every new user hence it is among the safest dating sites for lesbians.


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    This site is among the category of gay and lesbian users hence you will found both male and female users here. This site was established in 2019. People with same-gender sexual orientation come on this site to find a partner. The home page of this site is very fancy and modern looking with no adult images.

  • 6. MATCH

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    The match is not strictly for lesbian dating. This site is for everyone who is looking for love in their lives. This site has more than 1 million users. Compared to other sites and apps, finding a partner here is easier. This site is very reliable and easily operated. You will find only good reviews about the match.


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    As clear from the site name, this site is especially for hookups and one-night stands. If you are looking for a serious relationship or stable connection then this site is not for you. You will easily find lesbian cougars here because the user on this site is very diverse.


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    This site was launched in 2007. This site is very easy to use. You just need to create an account, browse for the matching profiles and start chatting with. No paid membership plan is on this site. It's free to use. This site is specially made for lesbians.


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    This site was established in 1999. This site is designed for lesbians and bisexuals. The membership plan for this site is quite expensive but worth buying. This site is growing rapidly among users because of its accessible features and because of verified profiles on it. This site cross checks every user's profile in order to avoid scams.


    Visit Site

    This site is a great choice for quick dating. The users on this site are less but the reviews of quick flirt are very nice. This site is very easily accessible. You can talk to anyone from any part of the world on this site.


When asked about cougars there are many different ideas you will get from society. But the correct definition of a cougar is an older woman who is looking for a relationship with a younger man. This relationship can also be sexual. The cougar concept is very popular because there are many movies and TV shows that are based on cougars. These movies increase a lot of awareness about the cougars. Some famous women that were considered cougars in the past are Madonna, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, etc.


In simple terms, the cougar's lover is known as a cub. Cubs are much younger than his partner and they are very attractive. The cougars always keep their cubs around. Sometimes they also use them as their boy toys to meet their sexual demands. Most of the time a cougar and cub relationship is sexual. There are many misconceptions about cougar and cub relationships. Most people think that a cougar uses a cub and after a certain period the cub cheats on the cougar but it is not true. Just like a normal relationship, this is also a mutual relationship. No one forces others to be in the relationship.


No relationship is easy. Every relationship needs time to develop trust. Similar things apply to dating a cougar however a few things you should keep in mind while dating a cougar.

  • 1. A cougar will be of more age. You should avoid mentioning her age in conversations. Try to avoid the age-related debates in front of her.

  • 2. Trust is the first block of any relationship. When you start dating a cougar, never hide from her that much younger you are from her. This thing can create trouble in the future.

  • 3. Always try to make her feel more wanting and try to impress her with your actions.


The main factor that attracts women towards men is their physical appearance, more sexual stamina, and strong muscles. Some women like to remain fit and always remain motivated to work on their bodies hence their body energy is much more than their actual age so they do not settle for less hence always looking for a young partner. Cougars are well educated and independent womens.


People who look for a mature partner in their lives and look for an independent, successful partner usually get attracted to cougars. The main reason is to avoid the modern generation relationship tantrums. Because a mature partner helps to grow its partner and handles every situation very carefully.


There are many benefits of dating a cougar.

  • 1. If you are looking for a non-serious pure sexual relationship then it will be the best choice.

  • 2. Most cougars are financially independent women hence they do not need to depend on cubs for their financial needs.

  • 3. Cougars are mature by the brain, they understand every situation well and react according to them hence you will not face any drama in your relationship.

  • 4. Cougars never force you to be in a relationship for you. If they see that things are not working out then they quietly move on. Hence a mature behavior.


The benefits of having a relationship with younger men are as follows.

  • 1. The younger generation is always full of energy both physically and mentally. Hence they make your life full of enthusiasm.

  • 2. Cougars are more mature in a cougar cub relationship, so they usually support you with everything because they know that you understand the condition well and know how to react accordingly.

  • 3. The younger generation is full of enthusiasm and energy hence they love to do experiments. Experiments are good for sexual life though.

  • 4. When they treat you as their partner then you feel more confident about yourself hence makes you feel younger.


There are many cougar dating sites in the market. Some of them are a scam, they create fake profiles to attract users. Very few legit cougar sites are there in the market. The traffic on these is also very less but they do not provide any scams to their users. Some legit cougar dating sites are olderwomendating.com, cougarlife.com, match, etc.


People are very aware of the matter of cougar dating. Few sites just want to increase the traffic on the sites so they create fake profiles of users to attract organic traffic. Before using any cougar dating site you should see the reviews of the site and the privacy policy of that site. Always ask for friends who used the same website for review.


Cougar dating sites provide their users a healthy environment for interaction without judging their users. People can interact with a large audience here. On these dating sites, people from every race, culture, and gender are present hence it is very easy to find a perfect partner here. Users find a non-judgemental environment on these dating sites.


In today's world scam is present in everything. Dating sites are also not left out from these scams. People create fake dating sites to earn money. Before using any cougar dating site you should read all its reviews and dig a little about that platform from the internet or your friends. Never jump into any decision just by hearing a few good things about any app or website. Once you get fully satisfied with the site only then take a paid membership of that site.


If you are looking for hookups and casual relationships then it will be easy for cougars to find cubs. But if you are looking for a serious relationship then maybe it will be a little difficult to find a partner. You need to keep patience for a long lasting relationship. However, it's not impossible to find the partner of your choice on cougar dating apps and websites.


Most of the cougar dating sites required membership plans to exceed the message box. But there are few free cougar dating apps in the market that are free to use. You just need to sign up on these sites and you are good to go. Cougared.com is one such site available for cougars. Many more free dating sites are there but very few of them are trusted.


Many people find their soulmates on these cougar dating sites. People are accepting the fact of cougar dating cubs these days. You can find many stories on the internet that tell how they meet their partner on these dating sites and then their love grows like blossoms. Even if you are not looking for a permanent correlation you can find a partner here with the same desire. So yes these cougar dating sites work.



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