Herpes Dating: Sites & Apps for People Living with Herpes

Best herpes dating sites and apps

Dating is an avenue filled with excitement but people suffering with herpes or HSV/STD will find it a lot more challenging. Herpes dating sites are one useful tool for dating with herpes, and these people can find a way to happiness and finding that one special person through these dating site for people with herpes or herpes dating apps. Herpes dating is nothing close to usual dating and the reason they are successful is because these herpes dating sites break taboos on their platforms and help people find partners without the element of embarrassment about their disease.



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    Two things in particular are made easy by positive singles – online dating in general and finding people having an STD. it can be awkward dating online especially if you suffer form an STD. you may end up feeling very tired or aloof and shunned when you reveal your secret. But PositiveSingles.com makes sure you feel inclusive and are able to find your partner easily.

  • 2. MPWH

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    MPWH is a niche dating site and caters to people with HSV and is among the best herpes dating app. Moreover, the unique aspect of this one is that it is an international site catering to people from all over the world including Asia, Canada and Australia.

  • 3. POZ MATCH

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    POZMatch has a free basic membership that includes browsing, a profile, searching, up to five pictures and instant messaging among others. There is also a premium membership that will have private email, video, webcam options and other support services as well.

  • 4. POS DATE

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    POSDate is a herpes singles dating site for those suffering from herpes and is particularly focused to ensure that people remain and feel safe and comfortable in their interactions on the platform. Any haters, spammers or those not serious to find a partner is removed instantly which leaves the community with only the best.


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    A 100% free HIV dating site, with an online community of over thousands of people in search of single people with herpes. You can meet and talk to a lot of people suffering from the same condition and that too absolutely free.


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    The website has its emphasis on their belief that people suffering from any STD do not really need to talk to others to create a bond or understanding, rather if two people have gone through the same struggle they tend to have a natural bond already. Moreover, this is not just a dating with genital herpes site but welcomes people with any infections.

  • 7. H-DATE

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    H-date is a free herpes dating site, with a very impressive member base. There is no concept of premium subscriptions on H-date and each member receives full accessibility to all features as soon as they register. Moreover, gay and lesbians can also register here to find potential partners.


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    Claiming to be the largest herpes and STD dating community in the UK, DatePositive.net was started in 2006 and is now known as one of the most affordable dating sites in the United Kingdom, and in fact in that part of the world.


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    Herpespassions is a 100% free herpes dating site. Here, the users can easily send and receive interactive messages with each other for no charges. People with HSV-1 and HSV-2 can interact with those with a similar condition and find love for themselves. There is also a feature using which members can join an online network quickly.


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    HIVdating4u is a dating site where one can find people with STD and HSV. Gay and lesbian people find it difficult to find gay herpes dating sites and lesbian herpes dating sites, but this is a platform that welcomes all – straight, bi-, gays and lesbians. There are no adult images on the website’s front page. The herpes dating site is also part of a network of dating sites and share a single database for all profiles.


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    Often herpes online dating is seen as a taboo but HSVSingles.com is one platform that claims itself as among the best herpes dating site as they create a very safe, and free of judgement environment for singles having HSV to interact with their partners. Men often find it tough dating a woman with herpes, but this platform also has a great support system and a community on whom one can rely on for any sincere advice, or simply have a nice light hearted chat.

  • 12. HWERKS

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    Dating someone with herpes is made easy by hwerks which is a top dating with herpes site in terms of creating a safe space for people with similar struggles connect and find relationships which may not necessarily be romantic ones but even long term true friendships.


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    This is another amazing website for those suffering with herpes and other STDs, the best part is that not just straight but gay and lesbian individuals can also join the community and find partners for themselves.


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    Personals.POZ.com not just provides forums for mentoring and medical information but also facilitates dating through its online communities. There is often a feature for advice from other members who go through different stages of dating.


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    Hope dating is a relatively new entry to the dating sites for people with herpes. This herpes dating site has a very fresh outlook and can be easily claimed as one of the best. The element of a nice feel is found to be missing in a lot of dating app for people with herpes, even the top herpes dating sites lack it. This website however can be seen as a revolutionary supportive herpes dating app for those having STDs with its unique look and feel. The site has distinguished features which are added very carefully keeping in mind the audience it is targeting.


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    POZCircle.com is a free herpes dating site, and has no registration charges nor is there any premium membership upgrade that will charge you. Each user who registers can use all features on the website and easily connect with people with similar condition as themselves.


Herpes is one of the most common infections that will stay in the patient’s body for a lifetime. Around 50% Americans suffer from oral herpes, while at least 1 in every 6 Americans suffers with genital herpes. So, there are high chances that one might be living with it without knowing.

There are two very similar viruses that cause herpes: HSV 1 i.e. herpes simplex virus type 1 and HSV 2 i.e. herpes simplex virus type 2. Both these viruses will potentially make sores pop on and around the vagina, vulva, anus, cervix, penis, scrotum, inner thighs, butt, lips, throat, mouth and in rare cases eyes as well.

Herpes spreads very quickly and easily with just a skin-to-skin contact with anyone having the virus. It can be spread when ones genitals and/or mouth touches another person’s same parts, due to either oral, anal or vaginal sex. It may even be transmitted when the penis or tongue does not enter the vagina, anus or mouth. It is not even necessary for one to cum to spread herpes, rather something as simple as a touch is enough to spread the infection. Kissing someone having oral herpes will also get you herpes.


This is a common STI caused due to HSV. The primary way this virus spreads by is due to sexual contact. Once the initial infection is identified, the virus remains inactive in the body and may activate again multiple times during a year.

Genital herpes may lead to itching, pain and sores in the genitals, while in some cases you may not have any signs or symptoms of the infection. The virus is extremely contagious though even if no visible sores or symptoms exist.

Genital herpes is usually diagnosed by physical exam or laboratory tests of the patient including:

  • 1. Viral culture: To conduct this test, a sore scraping or tissue sample is examined in the laboratory.

  • 2. Polymerase chain reaction test: The PCR test is used for copying the one’s DNA from the blood sample, spinal fluid, tissue or sore. This DNA is then tested for HSV presence which then determines the HSV type you may have.

  • 3. Blood Test: This analyzes the blood sample for the presence of any HSV antibodies which detects history of herpes infection.

Genital herpes unfortunately has no cure, however medications can reduce the risk of spreading it to others. Condoms can also prove useful in preventing the virus to stop spreading. Treatment can be done with antiviral medications prescribed by the doctor which may:

  • 1. Reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms of recurring outbreaks.

  • 2. Lessen the recurrence frequency.

  • 3. Aid in healing an initial outbreak sooner.

  • 4. Reduce the chances of transmitting the virus to others.

The doctor may also recommend its patients to take oral medication only when they have outbreak symptoms or any particular medication on daily basis, even when there are no outbreak symptoms. Usually the medications have minimal side effects and are well tolerated.


Most people who are HSV infected may in many cases not know that they have the infection due to mild or no symptoms. However, when present symptoms may begin after 2-12 days of exposure to the virus. When you experience the signs of genital herpes they may include:

  • 1. Tiny white blisters or small red bumps: these may appear just within a few days to even a few weeks after being infected.

  • 2. Pain/itching: Pain and tenderness may be experienced in the infected person’s genital area until the infection clears out.

  • 3. Ulcers: When blisters rupture and bleed or ooze, ulcers may form which will make it difficult to urinate.

  • 4. Scabs: the skin crusts and forms scabs when the ulcers are healing.

When the infection initially breaks out, one will have flu-like symptoms like headache, fever, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes in the groin.


Being diagnosed with herpes does not mean that your love life or sex life ends with it, however one has to do some responsible communication and maintenance with both their physician and the sexual partner. Genital herpes doesn’t reduce any desirable qualities you may have developed in past and rather continues to make you a great partner.

One of the most difficult things for a herpes patient will be to share their diagnosis because the virus never goes away and instead its symptoms and signs recur every now and then. This unfortunately brings in a lot of shame and fear for herpes. The initial shock coming with any long term disease is natural, but everyone must understand that being diagnosed with herpes does not mean that their sex or dating life will end.


When it comes to online dating, that avenue is quite overwhelming for all and there are a lot of herpes dating sites and genital herpes dating sites and apps out there as well. If you have an STD or STI, it is highly likely you will find a community of people having similar struggles as yours.


Positive singles is one of the best and largest web community for dating that caters to people suffering from STDs and STIs. It is particularly for people with STDs and herpes, but is not the only one out there. There are many other sites as well like MPWH which is also for herpes dating, MPWH is one catering to herpes, HIV/AIDS and HPV dating, etc. This is a good beginning towards finding people with similar experience as yours.


Discovering that your partner has herpes is not the end of the world and certainly not the end of your relationship. Some basic information about the disease will help you go a long way to get along it and also warn about what it means to be in a relationship with someone dealing with herpes.


There are certain steps that may be taken if your partner has genital herpes but you don’t, which will not just reduce the viral shedding level but also reduce the risk of its transmission:

  • 1. Have a discussion with your doctor about using any antiviral medication. When taken regularly as a suppressive dose of therapy, the medication can massively lower the risk of transmitting genital herpes to others.

  • 2. Dental dams, condoms and other barrier contraceptives must be used. Though these are not 100% effective in preventing the transmission of herpes, but physical barriers such as condoms will significantly reduce the amount of direct contact skin makes during sex or even lower the risk of transmitting herpes.

  • 3. During a herpes outbreak the best thing is to avoid sex because this is when there is high chances for the virus to spread to your partner.

  • 4. Consider the risk of HSV-1 and HSV-2 seriously. Even with the aforementioned ways to reduce transmission, there is still a possibility that it will. Before having sex it is important for both of you to be well aware and willing for the risk.

The risk of transmitting genital herpes to others can be reduced significantly with the right approach. This will make your sexual life easier and more enjoyable even after herpes diagnosis. If you have herpes yourself or are considering to date someone with the virus, there is a chance that you may get it if you do not take the right precautions and do not accept the presence of minor but real risk.


It Is very important for you to learn all you can about genital herpes before announcing its diagnosis to someone who has it, in order to answer any questions, they will have which is very common. Explain them what it means to having herpes – some people often get sores on their genitals which are mild enough to go unnoticed.

You must speak wisely and not load the conversation with any negative imagery. Genital herpes is although a disease but the word ‘disease’ gives it a very scary connotation so avoid using the word. Do not mention any words like horrible, incurable, disgusting or likes of it.

Besides the language, the setting will also affect how the affected reacts. Do not interrupt them when breaking the news, do not call them at work to tell them about it or bring in to a separate room and tell like you are announcing an emergency. The right time will be a relaxed moment where there are no distractions, just the two of you to have a healthy peaceful conversation about it.


When people find out about having herpes, they think their love lives are over but this is not true. People having herpes can also have romantic and sexual relationships very well with one another or their partners who are not infected with herpes.

Talking about the disease isn’t the most fun part you will have, but it is also extremely important to tell partners that you have the infection to prevent it from spreading it to them. There isn’t a single rule to talk about STD but the following tips may prove helpful:

  • 1. Keep calm: Herpes has infected millions of people, and many of them continue to be in relationships. Most couple in fact do not even consider it as a big deal. Have a nice and cool conversation with a positive approach amongst each other. Herpes is just another health issue which has nothing to do with you as a person.

  • 2. Communicate: Communication is key when it comes to issues like these. STDs are very common nowadays and your partner may also have herpes. Ask them as well if they have ever been infected or tested with an STD or not.

  • 3. Right information: Today’s fast age has caused a lot of misinformation to spread around as well, so it is very important to know your facts and prepare on setting the record straight. Tell your partner that there are multiple ways to treat herpes and to avoid transmitting it to another person during sex.

  • 4. Timing: Talk about it when you wont be distracted or interrupted by anything, at a peaceful and relaxed place and environment. Talk about it to a friend first if you are nervous or even just yourself, and it will help you feel better!

  • 5. Safety! If you still have a fear that your partner may hurt you or transmit the disease, tell them it might not be safe and you are probably even better off with just a text, email or phone call – worst case, not telling them at all.


The first rule is to not blame them while talking to your partner. Having herpes for the first time during the span of your relationship, does not mean that one might have necessarily cheated on the other. The signs of herpes can take up to several days, weeks or even months and years to show up once you have been infected. So, it is often hard to determine when and where did someone get infected. Getting tested is the most important thing; if only one of you have herpes you should talk about how you can prevent passing it to the other.


Genital herpes can also happen due to vaginal, oral or anal sex with anyone having the disease. If you didn’t have herpes yourself, chances are you got it from someone having it by coming in to contact with them in:

  • 1. Herpes sore.

  • 2. Saliva or genital secretions.

  • 3. Oral area skin if the other person has oral herpes, or genital skin if they have genital herpes.

Herpes can also be caught from a sexual partner who may not have a visible sore or outbreak or even not know that they are infected. Genital herpes can be caught if you have oral sex from someone having oral herpes.

Herpes doesn’t transmit from bedding, toilet seats, swimming pools or touching any objects around like towels, soap, silverware, etc. in case of any further questions about the disease, try consulting a healthcare provider who will advise you better.


Not telling someone that you have herpes isn’t illegal, but when you are in an intimate relationship with someone the best thing is to let them know about you having an STD. This allows both of you to take precautionary measures that will minimize the STD spread.

While it is not legally obligatory to tell people about having herpes, there is a significant chance that you may get in to legal peculiarities for spreading the disease in any particular circumstance. It is a misdemeanor offense in Arizona to expose someone to any contagious infection or disease knowingly in a public place. This particularly implies that you have to expose them knowingly and in a public place. This usually isn’t the case in herpes because most transmissions take place in a very private, intimate setting.

Transmitting herpes may also be a product of sexual assault or a sex crime that might make you seek the defense attorney’s help. In this case, there is a possibility for the prosecution to impose additional charges for spreading the contagious disease knowingly, like the Arizona Assault and Battery or the Aggravated Assault Laws.


Finding first about having herpes may be a cause of anger, embarrassment, emotions and shame for many. You might become resentful or suspicious about your partner that maybe they gave you the infection, or you might simply fear rejection by potential or current partners due to the disease. All these feelings are normal and very natural. There are many healthy ways for you to cope with herpes:

  • 1. Communicating with your partner: Have open and honest conversations about your feeling and trust your partner and believe in what are they telling you. Do not blame them for their condition. There is a high chance that herpes remains dormant in one’s body for many years, so it is quite difficult to determine the time of infection.

  • 2. Educate: Having open conversation with a counselor or doctor is important to learn to live with this condition that will minimize your chances of infecting others. Learning about managing the outbreak and its treatment options is also super important.

  • 3. Joining a support group: Look around for an area or group online where you can vent out your feelings or just learn from the experiences of others having a similar condition as yours.

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