How To Hide A Member On Seeking Arrangement

Hiding another user's profile on seeking arrangement is quite different from blocking . Blocking is a permanent action, which means you cannot unblock a user, while hiding is a temporary action.

When you hide another member, we will no longer be visible through the search feature, interests, member dashboard, and email notification.

How To Hide Another Member On The Website

1. The "hide" feature is accessible to every member via the "search" page, the "favorites" page, or "viewed by me page" and the user's profile.

2. When you want to hide a user, click on the profile and locate a three-dots icon on the page's top right corner.

3. Click on the icon, and then a drop-down menu will display the "hide" menu, which you can click on.

4. From the "favorites" list or the "search " page, check around the right side of the profile, and you'll find the "hide profile" option.

On The Mobile Site

1. Hiding a user on the mobile site version is quite easy.

2. When you're logged in, click on the profile you're willing to hide.

3. You'll find an icon with three dots like ellipses on the top right-hand corner of the profile.

4. Click on the icon to show a drop-down menu with "block user," "hide user," and "report user," you should then click on hide user to make sure the person's profile is hidden.

On SeekingArrangement app

1. On the seeking app , click the member's profile to want to hide.

2. Locate the "•••" icon and click on it.

3. A drop-down menu displays beneath the three dots symbol.

4. There, you can find "hide" and click on it.

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