How to Get a Platonic Sugar Daddy

How to Get a Platonic Daddy

What is a Platonic Sugar Daddy

The subject word may sound a little pointless but is quite complex to define. This person has many qualities and you can describe them in many ways. Let’s try to make it easier for you and define what a platonic sugar daddy is.

The simplest description of a platonic sugar daddy is someone who is not in a relationship but may be equal. They are someone you meet online at a dating site but will not have a sexual relationship with them. Such relationships are platonic and nonsexual. Making love is not involved in such relationships at all.

A platonic sugar daddy only wants a romantic relationship without any intimacy. Many consider that there isn't any such thing, but actually, it does exist. Moreover, these people are quite generous, more than you can think of ever. While they aren’t very common, but if you try your best you will find one for yourself.

They might even be the best option for you if you are looking for some fun without sexual involvement. While using a niche website, you can put up things like ‘no intimacy, no sex’ without any fear on your profile. This helps clear out individuals who are looking for an actual commitment.

Honesty is the key in such relationships. Staying true to yourself means letting go of your feelings. Meanwhile, you should also be staying honest with your partner. This means that they wont be able to harm you or betray you in any way. Besides, they will also be there for you when you need them. If you sense that your relationship with a sugar daddy is deteriorating, the easier way out is to move on to other people.

How to Get a Platonic Sugar Daddy

This is like looking for a regular sugar daddy; the only difference being the kind of arrangement. With a platonic sugar daddy, there won't is any intimacy involved as opposed to a conventional one.

Make Your Physical Boundaries Clear

Before getting on with a sugar daddy, think about what are you looking for and what are you comfortable with. you are not looking for sex all the way, but something between. Is kissing, hugging, cuddling okay for you? Are you fine being naked in a platonic relationship? A plain kiss or a passionate one? Some acceptable PDA? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself and make your physical boundaries clear to your partner as well.

Deceive or Not to Deceive

You can either be very clear when looking for a platonic sugar daddy or go for the other way. The other way will be to tag along with them keeping them in the assumption that they will get some. Another tactic used by some sugar babies is that they don’t decline intimacy straight up. Instead, they say that they believe it should take place between two adults with their consent in an arrangement. Please stay very honest during your testing phase.

What to Add in Your Platonic Sugar Baby Profile

When looking for a platonic sugar daddy, you need to showcase yourself on all the best platforms. The internet is full of sugar daddy websites. The first step to enter those is making a good sugar baby profile. This will make or break your deal to find a platonic sugar daddy for you.

Keep things very clear at the beginning. Make sure you let them know that you won't be having any sex. This way, they won't be able to accuse you of leading on them sometime later. Mentioning this is nothing bad. Instead, it will filter those who are looking for a physical one. Things like ‘open’, ‘fun-loving’, ‘adventurous’, etc. may also sound sexual.


You need to be very careful about how you present yourself. Your photos play a great role, so you must look nothing less than a Kardashian. Moreover, picture selection is important. For instance, if you put up a picture in a bikini with heavy cleavage, a platonic sugar daddy will not get attracted. Instead, those where you gaze and smile will make it work. Present yourself as that innocent girl, which will help you attract the sugar daddy you want.


Do not set your expectations high while building your relationship. The allowance will depend on your area of course, but your expectations must be low in the beginning. Five is phenomenal, but since you aren’t involved in any sexual intimacy even 1-2,500 dollars a month are great. Being a platonic sugar baby and demanding a lot in the beginning only might turn it off. So, one step at a time.

Connect with a Lot of Potential Sugar Daddies

A good way to do so is by signing up for sugar daddy websites . The more you do, the more sugar daddies you can contact and talk to. So, before meeting or making a choice you have someone who wants exactly what you are looking for. You can ask sugar daddies what they are looking for, do they want intimacy, etc.

Top 5 Platonic Sugar Daddy Websites

  • 1.

    This one has both, an Android and iPhone app. Both yet are completely different. The premium membership rates are also different for both. The website charges you $50/month, the Android app $64.99/month, and the iPhone app $16.99/month. The best choice among these is signing up for the iPhone app. You can thus enjoy full access on both, the Android and website app as well. Yet, when you pay for the Android app or website, you can cancel it within 3 days with a refund of full amount. This way, you can also enjoy all the benefits and save money.

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  • 2.

    This one is great on the mobile website, but its Android app is not as good. The app does not show the bio of others. You must log in through a web browser to view others’ bio. But, the fees for premium membership are the same for the website and the app. It is $89.99/month for sugar daddies and mommies, while for sugar boys and babies it is $19.99/month. using the mobile app to stay in touch, while the mobile website to browse profiles.

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  • 3.

    Attractive women looking for wealthy sugar daddies can visit SugarBook. The website is in Singapore and thus has its popularity in Asia. You may not find a lot of matches in your area if you live in the UK, USA, or Australia. The functions of both the Android app and website for SugarBook are quite similar. To read and reply to messages, you need a premium membership. This costs around $79.99/month for sugar daddies. College students have free premium account access when using their college email ids.

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  • 4.

    Attractive, ambitious women come to meet successful and established men on this site. The aim is mutual one – to form a sugar daddy relationship that is beneficial. This site is very popular in Europe, with 70% women and 30% men using the website. There are several features available on the website. These include messaging, sending gifts, and more. But, most of these features need a premium membership which is for $69.99/month approximately.

  • 5.

    This is a newer sugar dating website. They started in 2015 and gained popularity in a very short time. With over 5 million users, the website has 80% females users and 20% male users. Its Android app work very well. Some functions like the Instagram story style, Tinder profile card style, video bio, live video chat are very popular amongst users. A premium account membership allows viewing visitors, sending messages, viewing interests and more. This website costs $69.99/month for sugar daddies and mommies while sugar babies only pay $14.99 a month.


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