How to Remove Someone From Favorite List on Seeking

Seeking arrangement, widely known as the best dating website to find sugar daddies, offers various functionalities on the website and mobile app version. One of the amazing features that members can enjoy is a favorite list. You can have a favorite list where you can always add or remove users. The "favorite list" feature is available on the website, mobile app, and mobile site for only paid subscribers, which means free subscribers cannot have a favorite list.

1. On the Website

  • 1. After you have logged in on the website, you will see the heart-shaped icon on the top of the website labeled with "interest."

  • 2. When you click on the heart-shaped icon, it displays profiles you have favorites (favorite list).

  • 3. Then, you can click on the profile you want to remove.

  • 4. A red heart shows on every profile you have favorited. When you click on the red heart, it turns grey. This means you have removed the person from your favorite list.

2. Mobile Site

  • 1. On the mobile site, log in and locate the heart-shaped symbol at the top.

  • 2. Click on it to show your favorite list. There, you can see those you have favorited and those that have favorited you.

  • 3. To remove someone from your favorites list, click on the person's profile and locate the red-hearted symbol.

  • 4. When you click on it, the red turns grey, meaning the person is no more a favorite.

3. Mobile App

Seeking arrangement offers a mobile app with great user interfaces and modern qualities, making it easier to access major functions. Removing a member from your favorite list is quite easy on the mobile app.

  • 1. When you open the app, click on the profile you wish to remove from your favorite list.

  • 2. Then, locate the red heart icon (the icon shows your favorite person) and click on it.

  • 3. When the reddish color disappears, it means you've successfully removed the member from being a favorite.

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