How to Spot a Salt Daddy

How to Spot a Salt Daddy

Salt daddies are guys who are desperate to become your daddy but simply are not able to finance that. They may offer to pay for your dinner, might also offer you some cash but are far from being a genuine sugar daddy. A very simple way to identify them is that they aren’t the ‘gentleman’ that sugar daddies are. They never pay on their own or give you nice gifts, or might even straight up tell you they can not ‘afford’ something!

Exploring the sugar world, newbies waste time by contacting Splenda Daddies and some fake sugar daddy. The salt daddy fakes their lifestyle and finances to attract the sugar babies. Then, use them and insult them for their good. These Salt Daddies play around without offering any good for the other.

So, our advice – beware of them and be smart enough to identify them and know how to handle them. Salt daddies should be dealt with in a smart manner, else they may turn out a big mess. To help you understand better, we have listed down the ways to spot a salt daddy and how to deal with them. - the best Sugar Daddy personals and Sugar Baby Female dating site!


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Spot a Salt Daddy by these Signs

  • 1. Brags About Money

    Does he own a private jet, a yacht, and Rolex watches? And oh yes, did mention it a hundred times? If so, this is a big red flag for him being a salt daddy. Such men try to lure sugar babies by bragging about their fortunes. But, it doesn’t always mean that they are going to share it with you. Many sugar babies fall for the richest ones, thinking they are the best sugar daddies. This isn’t true. The Best Sugar Daddies are those who keep you make sure you’re kept and taken care of.

  • 2. Agrees to All That You Say/Ask for

    If men agree to everything you ask them for is alarming. Always remember the pro tip that they aren’t a real Sugar Daddy until they have given all that you want. And, if your gut signals some weird feeling about them, follow it as these are signs of a potential Salt Daddy.

  • 3. Becomes Mean/Rude

    If a Sugar Daddy has been rude with you about anything, know that they are salty. Regardless of all the wealth, he owns in the world, none is worth the emotional damage you will get yourself into.

  • 4. Sends Short Messages

    A real sugar daddy will make sure to send a detailed message to show their interest. They know how many Salt Daddies are out there and want to stand out of the crowd. They know it is necessary to start a nice, real conversation before going out.

  • 5. Doesn’t Know How to Plan a Date

    A salt daddy lacks the skill of planning nice dates. Meanwhile, a real sugar daddy hand knows how to spoil their sugar babies well, spares no expense, and ensures that they can exhibit the kind of daddy he will be in the very first meeting only.

  • 6. Strings You Along

    A salt daddy will preset every card of the book, every insult, and excuse to avoid paying you. They will even go to the extent of calling you a gold digger or guilt trap you for living on their money. We repeat, don’t waste your time in such salty bowls!

  • 7. Manipulates You Emotionally

    They claim how much they love you and take full advantage of your time by doing so. Don’t fall for such deceit and thank them nicely, and move to the next.

  • 8. Doesn’t Compensate by the Second Date

    If you have already been on a second date and he hasn’t compensated you by then, move on baby! Real Sugar Daddies will do so and will be more than happy to bring you a little present or so to show they are actually into you.

  • 9. Pushes for Sex

    This is probably the clearest sign of them all. A Salt Daddy will ask for sexual favors in the initial conversations only. A Sugar Daddy however mentions intimacy first and goes on to take the relationship to the next level thereafter.

  • 10. Scammers

    If someone asks for your bank details or offers to give you money before even meeting, know that he is a 100% salty scammer. Some common sense is enough to ward them off simply.

Deal Smartly with them

  • 1. Block

    Salt Daddies are like exes, the best way to deal with them is to simply break up, block ad move on! The more you engage with them, the more you get yourself in potential trouble. Moreover, the mental drain that comes with them is another long story. They will make you feel shit about yourself, so it is better to put the trash out asap!

  • 2. Shame Them in Public

    Now, this doesn’t mean that you put out all their information in public since that is illegal and unethical as well. However, make sure you do inform other Sugar Babies about them so they can watch out and are aware of such salty men in the future as well.

  • 3. Report

    This is the part where you can avenge any loss they caused you. However, make sure you do not mention to them that you will be reporting them or so. Take a screenshot of the conversation after blocking them and report it to the respective website thereafter.

  • 4. Move on

    Make sure you identify such men by the signs we mentioned earlier in this post and do not get attached to them. Investing emotions in Salt Daddies is the worst thing you would do to yourself. So, simply block them and move on baby!

  • 5. Do Not Get Involved Physically

    If you get even the slightest idea about them being a Salt Daddy, make sure you do NOT by any means get involved physically with them. They will use and manipulate you, leaving you to feel trash about yourself.

  • 6. Do Not Inform Them About Your Plan

    If you have any plans about taking an action against them, do not make the mistake of informing them about it using any threats or so. If you do so, they will go into hiding or prepare for their defense in advance. Moreover, you have no idea who the person behind that screen is, so it is for your safety as well to remain discreet about your plans.

  • 7. Do Not Play With Them

    Once you have identified a scammer, it seems quite easy to play along with them. This in essence is the biggest mistake you would make. As we mentioned, you don’t know who’s the person behind that apparent profile – they may be hackers, those in the black market, or any kind of sick person who can damage you big time. So it is best not to mess with them.

  • 8. Keep No Expectations

    These scammers are plain shit, so don’t waste your time on them and do not ever make the mistake of them becoming better. Leave them and look for an actual Sugar Daddy who would treat you like the Sugar Baby you are!

  • 9. Do Not Try to Improve Them

    Some babies try to help such problematic Salt Daddies and aspire to make them better people. No baby, that ain’t going to work out. Let them be what they are and you live your life!

  • 10. Do Not Give Them Any Money

    Yes, you heard that right. Some salt daddies do demand finances from their babies. Ironic, right? So, do not do this mistake at all!

Remember to remain cool in all situations and face everything with an upright and cool head. You are far better than the Salt Daddy you come across, and thus should prove with your actions too. Be the amazing woman you are, you must have dealt with pieces of crap in past, and you can definitely deal with these too. You go, girl!

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