How To Write Perfect "About Me" On Seeking Arrangement

How To Write Perfect About Me On Seeking Arrangement Arrangement) is a popular online dating website founded by Brandon Wade in 2006. The site is a platform where young people can meet sugar mommas and sugar daddies as older benefactors willing to provide monetary support and mentorship. Writing a proper about me on is important because it mostly determines whether a visitor would be interested in having a conversation or just pass by.

Seeking Arrangement About Me Example 1


My name is Teeny, I'm a plus size sugar baby and I love eating cookies.

I love cute things, and I cherish positive people!

My dream is to go to Korea someday, met new people, and make friends.

Also, think good if you want to choose me because I have a boyfriend and I'm really shy and look young!

So you do not have to spend all your money on me if you want more than that.

But I love to be friends!

Thank you for reading!

Seeking Arrangement About Me Example 2

I am Angie, from the United States of America. I like volleyball, horse riding, cinema, jogging and watching golf. My favorite music is jazz and rock music. I'm romantic, kind-hearted, honest, and friendly. I am hardworking, and I give my best to whatever position I find myself in. I'm not hoping to have the best man in the whole universe; I'm just hoping to have a loving, understanding, and caring man to lead me through life. I'm currently single, and I wish to be in SD relationship with a platonic sugar daddy who's fun to be with and loves being close to me. You can reach me on hangout or message me your phone number so we can communicate better.

Seeking Arrangement About Me Example 3

I'm a Scorpio, if anyone cares to know. I'm a small-town country gal hustling to make it in the city. I love music, and I can blow your mind with the strings of my guitar. Looking to get an art degree to pursue a career in tattooing.

I'm dynamic with fashion. My hair color and style are always changing, along with my long stiletto nails.

I'm always switching up my style.

I'd love to meet honest but funny splenda daddy .

I'm a very funny person, and I can make you laugh away your sorrow. I love coffee shop dates, clubbing, road trips, camping, festivals, and movies. Kindly hit me up. You won't regret it.

Seeking Arrangement About Me Example 4

Definitely not looking for online scammers. I'm hoping to meet SSBBW girls to date. I am astonishingly romantic, but it's been a long time since I was with someone. I'm honest, loyal, and love having fun. I hope to build a connection with a lovely, lively, and sweet lady. You can contact me anytime, and I'll be willing to be a mentor, lover, and helper.

Seeking Arrangement About Me Example 5

I'm not perfect, but I am simple, trustworthy, passionate, respectful, confidential, and I love my job. I hate lies, and I easily get pissed with people who lie. I have been working around the world, mostly in Asia and Europe, and it's been fun. I love museums, and I'm hoping to find someone who loves it. I'm looking for a beautiful young and attractive lady who's willing to go places with me. Send me a message, and let's know each other better.

Seeking Arrangement About Me Example 6

I would call myself an adventurous accountant...funny, but it's the truth! I'm used to traveling. Some of the places I've traveled to so far are London, Paris, India, Spain, Rome, and Japan, most of which are related to my profession. Apart from traveling, I love having fun. I always want to spend my time with that special person in any free time I have. I believe being with that beautiful young lady will take the pressure off my neck and make me feel relaxed after a long trip. Looking forward to meeting that lady.

How To Write A Good "About Me"

  • Be Yourself

    Many people make the mistake of writing what they are not to impress the opposite sex. No matter what, be true in crafting your personality.

    Don't build your sugar dating profile on a fake foundation. It might affect your relationship in the future.

  • Don't Write To Impress

    Although you might not share your personal information because of safety and security reasons, being honest is about writing information that is true about you. For example, don't write "I'm a CEO "when you're a sales manager. Don't pretend to be single when you're already married.

  • Express Your Needs

    What you want as a sugar baby or a sugar daddy matters a lot to your partner. It often gives the first impression of whether both of you would work perfectly. Sometimes, what you are looking for as a sugar baby could be quite different from what a sugar daddy can offer. Expressing yourself lucidly would quickly take you to a partner who can offer your needs. Whether or not we like it, SA is currently the top online community for starting sugar relationships. If you are signing up for an account without carefully creating your profile and you're hoping for the best, you might just be a joke. To establish a successful mutually beneficial relationship in sugar dating, your profile must express what you want. It should communicate to visitors and help you filter away those that can't offer what you need.

  • Be Straightforward On What You Can Offer

    Be specific about what you want and what you can offer. Are you open to only friendship, casual dating, or there's room for a sexual relationship? Are you available for vacations, travel, business trips, and other exciting things he might like?

    Especially as a sugar baby, sugar daddies love you to be straightforward about what you want and what you can offer so they won't have to spend much time trying to figure out who you really are.

  • Don't Be Too Strict Or Negative

    I've noticed that some people write words that just let other people away from their profile. Even when you are the most beautiful sugar baby or the wealthiest sugar daddy, it is better not to say anything at all if you don't have something nice to say. Everyone is aware that there are a few scammers on the dating site. But writing "don't contact me if you are a scammer" does not guarantee that you won't find scammers. Writing harsh words on your profile only contributes to a negative attitude that can quickly piss people off. As a woman, try not to focus on physical appearance and allowance requirements. Also, if you are a man, don't put too much effort into the females' figure, shape, body size, and sexual qualities. If you want to specify your requirement and still be on a more positive side, you can try "we might not work if [requirement] isn't in the cards", or, "I work best with people who are [requirement]". You can still be nice with the way you present your requirements rather than lining up a checklist.

  • Find Out What You Want

    Of course, one of the major aims of creating a sugar baby account is to seek financial benefits and explore your sexual life. This is almost similar to being an escort. One factor that can make you special and more specific is to make a list of things you want as a sugar baby or sugar daddy in your relationship. You might have to provide answers to questions like:

    Are you in for physical attention without sexual indulgence?

    Do you want overnights?

    What's your monetary need?

    What are your sexual limits?

    What do you love doing in bed?

    What behaviors do you dislike in a relationship?

    What interesting activities do you do with your partner that make them happy?

    To be honest, there is no exact way to answer these questions. You just have to brainstorm and put something down. The most important thing is to be honest while asking and answering these questions. Don't say things you can't do just to impress visitors. Write down these ideas and make something good from them to create your profile.

  • Your Partner Should Benefit From You

    Seeking Arrangement is for connecting women together with men in some sort of Arrangement. Showcase your wants and how they can benefit your partner. For SB, being pretty and attractive isn't enough. Know what you want and how you can get it from your sugar daddy. Nobody wants to give anything without benefiting one way or the other.

    For sugar daddies, some women will only want monetary benefits such as cash allowance or nice gifts, while some are looking for long-term. What kind of woman do you want? How can you get your money to keep her around and make her happy?

  • Be Real And Distinct: Make Your Profile About You

    Make your profile unique. If you like singing, specify the kind of songs you love to sing. if you can play an instrument, specify whether guitar, piano or any other. Present your hobbies in a way that can positively influence your partner. Make it more fun instead of just presenting a list of hobbies. Most of the popular hobbies are singing, dancing, sports, traveling. Make yours more fun.

  • Spell Check Your Profile

    Always try to go through your profile to check for spelling and grammatical errors. when you have too many errors in your profile, it loses that attractiveness and reduces the number of visitors that should ideally start a conversation with you Ultimately, you don't have to hastily create your profile. Take your time and do it right. You're unique, and so your profile should be unique. Don't let POTs look down on your profile. Recheck and make it right.

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