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SeekingArrangement( Review

If you are looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement , then the best place to begin your search is a sugar daddy dating website. But, with so many scam websites on the internet, how do can you tell the best sugar daddy dating sites from the wastes of time and money?

One of the sugar daddy dating sites that stand out from its competitors is But how does Seeking Arrangements stand up to scrutiny? Does match up to the Seeking Arrangement advertisement video that you may have seen? Or are there way too many seeking arrangement bad reviews and complaints? Here’s our honest and straight-talking review of

What is Seeking Arrangement

Founded by the entrepreneur Brandon Wade ,, or Seeking Arrangement, is one of the largest and best-known online sugar dating sites.

The site is a legit and safe platform where attractive young men and women can meet sugar daddies or mommas and make a secret arrangement for their mutual benefit. has many features that other sugar daddy dating sites do not have, which we will discuss in more detail later in this review. The site also has a well-designed sugar dating app. There is dating advice from the Seeking Arrangement spokesperson Brook Urick . And there is a question and answer service, called Ask Alexis , to help you get the most your sugar daddy dating experience.

How Seeking Arrangement works is one of the best sugar daddy dating sites on the web. So, as you would expect, there are various levels of paid membership available.

There is a free membership option on the site, but this limits men to only sending ten messages per day. The free subscription also prevents you from reading and replying to messages. Free membership is also available for sugar babies.

The free membership is excellent for trying out the site. But if you want to arrange a hookup, create a wish list, or meet rich men and women, you will need to upgrade to the premium membership.

Premium membership gives you full access to the site, plus some handy perks. Premium members can, for example, list three different locations, choose not to display a photo on their profile publicly, and use advanced filters.

There is also a Diamond level membership, which is available at a premium price. The diamond level requires income verification and a background check. When you first sign up at any level, there will be a short wait for the approve profile process to be completed.

Typical Seeking Arrangement Member

The total number of active members on Seeking Arrangement tops 10 million people. The ratio of sugar daddies to sugar babies is 80% sugar babies, 20% sugar daddies, or mommas. has a broad international membership, but the site only accepts members from the wealthiest countries in the world. Approximately 5.4 million Seeking arrangement members reside in the USA. You will also find sugar babies and sugar daddies from countries like the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), and Australia (AUS). Countries such as New Zealand (NZ) and Singapore (SG) are also represented on the site. member structure

Members of Seeking Arrangement are not called sugar daddies and sugar babies. Instead, the people who use the site identify themselves as either a successful member or an attractive member. The membership of the site is diverse. As well as the traditional types of sugar babies and sugar daddies, you will find members who identify themselves as BBW, couples, colleges, lesbian, gay, married men, and sugar mommas.

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The age range of members of ranges from 18+ to 55+, with most people fitting in the 25-34 age group. Most sugar daddies and mommas opt for a paid subscription. But the ratio of free membership is much higher for sugar babies. age distribution


Standard membership of is free, and college sugar babies get free membership, too. The premium options, which offer you more functionality and a higher profile on the site, are available in monthly installments, or three-monthly installments.

Premium Membership for Successful members costs USD 89.95 / month. Or you can pay three months in one payment, which will cost you a total of USD 239.85, which works out as USD 79.95 / month.

Premium Membership for Attractive Members costs USD 19.95 / month or USD 14.95 / month if you pay three months in advance.

Succsfelul Members who want to join the Diamond Club must first have been premium members for at least two months. And Diamond members must submit an application and pass a vigorous background verification process.

The cost of Diamon Club Membership is USD 249.95 USD Month. Diamond Club members can expect to get up 20% more interest from sugar babies because Diamond Club members are featured more prominently on the site.

Premium Subscription (Successful Member)

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
1 Month 89.95 USD / Month 89.95 USD
3 Months 79.95 USD / Month 239.85 USD

Premium (Attractive Member) Subscription

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
1 Month 19.95 USD / Month 19.95 USD
3 Months 14.95 USD / Month 44.85 USD

Diamond Membership (Successful Member)

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
1 Month 249.95 USD / Month 249.95 USD

Seeking Arrangement Features is probably one of the most feature-rich sugar daddy dating sites there is. There is a comprehensive about me section available on the profiles, and users can optionally provide financial information as well. Free users can also give details on their level of education, personal habits, detailed information, and details of the type of arrangement they are seeking. And, of course, you can upload photos.

Features on the site include sending winks to attract other member’s attention, adding people to a favorites list, and a search facility. Free users can also send a limited number of messages as well.

When you upgrade to a premium account, you get far more functionality. Premium users can send, receive, and reply to unlimited messages. Premium membership also offers more privacy settings, advanced search, priority placement, and publicly available contact information.

Diamond members get all the benefits of premium membership, plus some powerful extras. Diamond Club members have greater visibility on the site, and their incomes can be verified, as can their net worth. These extra features make Dimond Club members much more likely to be approached by sugar babies.

Seeking Arrangement App also has a fully-functional app that provides most of the functionality that you will find on the website. The app is easy to use, well-designed, and intuitive.

The app is only available on Google Play . Unfortunately, Apple removed the Seeking Arrangement App from the App Store because Apple claimed that promotes prostitution. Seeking arrangement has, of course, denied this, and the site has a disclaimer that states that the site is not an escort site. disclaimer

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Reviews from Real Members

Of course, the best way to check out any kind of dating site is to read what members have written about the platform. Here are just a handful of the reviews that have been left by actual members of Seeking Arrangement.

  1. "I assumed that a site like Seeking Arrangement would be full of gold diggers. Sure, there are scammers on the site, but I found a genuine young lady who shared many of my interests. Yes, I spend money on membership and gifts, but I am no longer lonely, so I am happy."

  2. "I was concerned that the term sugar daddy was just another way of saying a dirty old man. I was wrong. It took some time, but what I eventually found was a kind, considerate man with whom I now have a sd relationship that gives us both what we need."

  3. "Disappointed! Way too many scammers on the site, and you must pay for the premium membership if you want to be able to filter out the non-starters!"

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Pros and Cons

Even the best sugar daddy dating sites have disadvantages as well as advantages. So, here is a summary of what the pros and cons of Seeking Arrangement are.

The Pros

  1. On the plus side, has a lot of active users and a high ratio of Attractive Members to Successful Members.

  2. The site has a though verification process as well. So, if you see a Diamond Club member, you can be sure that they have been background checked, and their status has been verified. The privacy settings are comprehensive, too.

  3. The website is easy to use and offers some great functionality. You do not need to be a technical expert to work out how to find your way around the various options. Even if you find that you can’t log in to Seeking Arrangement, for example, there is plenty of help available to sort issues like that out.

The Cons

  1. On the downside, nearly all the best features of are only available to the paid members. So, if you are serious about meeting the right people, you will need to sign up for a premium membership.

  2. Sugar babies can sign up for free, and college students wanting a means of financing a college education can sign up for free too. Even so, you will still get better results is you pay for a premium membership.

  3. The lack of an IOS app will be a drawback for people with Apple phones. But you can thank Apple for that! You can still use the app, though, if you have an Android mobile phone.

  4. The verification process on does cut down the number of fake accounts. Still, it does not eliminate the possibility of finding scammers on the site. So, exercise the same caution on Seeking arrangement as you would on other dating sites.

Noteworthy is a popular dating website, and there have been more than just one Seeking Arrangement documentary exploring the phenomenon of sugar daddies and sugar babies. There are also several high-profile sugar daddies and sugar babies who have been associated with the site.

Perhaps one of the best-known articles written about Seeking Arrangement is the 2009 piece published in the New York Times. The report revealed how many sugar babies on are looking for an allowance in return for companionship. The article also explains more about the income requirement and net worth verification on the site.

The owner of, Brandon Wade, has also attracted publicity over the years. In 2012, Wade made claims that Seeking Arrangement saw a massive rise in activity during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Wade has also defended the site by saying that “Love is a concept invented by poor people.”

There are active seeking arrangement forums on Reddit , and there has been a Dr. Phil Show Seeking Arrangement episode. You may also find Seeking Arrangement promo codes and discount vouchers , occasionally. Still, we are not aware of any available right now.

Safety & Security

Overall, Seeking Arrangement seems like a safe and secure site to use. The website is protected by SSL encryption, and there are some excellent privacy options available. The site states that information provided by users will not be shared with third parties. Except, that is, for collection agencies, if you fail to make any payments that you owe. And the site states that it will disclose any information that it is required to do so by law. There is full disclosure of the site’s privacy policy available, and this contains all the standard points that you would expect.


Here are the answers to the most asked questions about Seeking Arrangement:

Is Seeking Arrangement a legit and safe site

Yes – Seeking arrangement is a legitimate sugar d dating site that we believe is safe to use.

Does Seeking Arrangement Have A Blog

Yes, has an informative and useful blog .

Can you use the site without paying

There is a free membership for sugar babies, and the site usually offers a free 7-day trial. The advanced features of the site, though, are restricted to the premium membership options.

Does Seeking Arrangement take debit cards

Yes – Accepts all major debit and credit cards.

Is premium membership automatically renewed

Yes – Premium membership is automatically renewed until you cancel.

What will happen once I block another member

If you block a member, they will no longer be able to send you messages, view your profile, or contact you.

What is the background check for?

The background check, which is completed by a third party, allows you to display a “verified badge” on your profile.

Why do my pictures need to be verified

Verifying photos ensure that you only use pictures of yourself on your profile, which helps to prevent fake profile being set up on the site.

Does Seeking Arrangement verify income

The verification process of Seeking Arrangement includes a background check and verification of income.

Types of arrangements on Seeking Arrangement

The types of arrangements reached between sugar daddies and sugar babies are at the discretion of the individuals.

Are there escorts on Seeking Arrangement is a sugar daddy dating website that does not encourage escorts to join. However, there is no guarantee that you will not find any escorts on Seeking arrangement.

Is Seeking Arrangement free

Seeking Arrangement is free to join and offers free-of-charge membership for female college students.



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