Why Was My SeekingArrangement Account Suspended

In case your Seeking.com account was suspended, a hold was placed on it due to any suspicious activities on the account. Your profile and pictures will be saved, but you won’t be able to use the website, also other members won’t be able to look into your profile. Messages that are sent into your account will still be received, but you will not be able to access it unless the suspension is completely reviewed and lifted by Customer Support. Here are some reasons for account suspension.

why is my SeekingArrangement account suspended
  1. Asking for money up front or in advance of your date.

  2. Using our site as an escort, or using the service to solicit clients for an escort service.

  3. Reports by other members about your profile or conduct.

  4. Abusive, vulgar or sexually explicit language.

  5. Using our site to promote, solicit or engage in prostitution.

  6. Having multiple active accounts.

  7. Selling pictures, videos or cam sessions.

  8. Posting or sending material that can exploit people under the age of 18 sexually or violently or solicit personal information from anyone who is under the of 18 years.

  9. Soliciting passwords, Bank information or other personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purpose from other users.

  10. Posting any false, misleading or inaccurate content about you’re yourself and/or your profile.

  11. Promoting or advertising a business.

  12. Creating a profile under the age of 18.

  13. Posting or sending material that can exploit people under the age of 18 in a sexual or violent manner, or solicit personal information from anyone who is under the of 18 years.

  14. Payment approval delays or credit card discrepancies.

Permanent Suspension

Promotion of illegal activities like prostitution or commercial activities of any kind is highly prohibited. If such conduct is noticed, you will be removed from the website, banned permanently and you will be reported to the law enforcement agents.

What Must I Do To Get the Suspension Lifted

Find out why your account was suspended and make necessary changes. To know why your account was suspended, there is need to contact the Customer Service or Support about it. You will write to them a short message about your account suspension after which you will be given reasons for that action and what you need to do in order to lift the suspension.

Sample Letter To Customer Service Asking For Suspension To Be Lifted

Dear Support,
I write with regards to why my account was suspended and request for the action to be reversed. I am an active member of your site and will love to return to full time participation of my membership. I have made necessary correction and henceforth, I promise to go by the rules and guidelines on the website and not to violate it again. Thanks and expecting a considerable action.

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Why Is Seeking Arrangement Pending

You need to make sure that all needed information is entered correctly as only accounts with fully completed profiles will be approved. As you navigate your way through completing your profile, the status bar will indicate the stage and what percentage of your profile is complete. Continue through the profile process until you are100% done.

Why Is My Account Deactivated

The account can be deactivated if as a member, you are no longer active on the website, and perhaps if you are on premium, you did not renew your membership fee.

To Reactivate My Account

To reactivate your account, simply log into your deactivated account and click reactivate link. You will then be sent a reactivation email. Click the activation link in it and your account will automatically become restored.

Banned From Seeking Arrangement

In recent times, Seeking Arrangement has been getting a lot of reports and it is now faster to get banned than it was in the past. Once you get the code 40303, it means you have been banned from Seeking Arrangement. However, there are a few of workarounds to get the issue resolved. Seeking Arrangement seriously frowns at what they hold as harassment and as a result; the Seeking Arrangement user base has become more sensitive nowadays and quick to report.

How to Get Unbanned From the Seeking Arrangement

This is not a simple task at all. The ban may be permanent unless you are able to launch an appeal to Seeking Arrangement support and ask them to administer you back your account after satisfying their requirements. Here is a step by step guide to get unbanned from Seeking Arrangement.

Launch an Appeal to Seeking Arrangement

The right channel to take is by directly appealing the ban with Seeking Arrangement’s support services. In your appeal letter or proposal, you must use the right words that show you are polite and attractive, even though you think you probably did nothing wrong other than interacting with people on-line. One issue to note is that personnel operating in support often get treated poorly, therefore, it will positively help to be that one nice and kind person they interact with. This method will take anywhere from a few days to one month or two.

You May Set Up Another Account

The fact that the appeal process may take a long time to activate your account back and of course, there is no guarantee on that, you may want to consider signing up again. In that regards, use a different facebook account. It is pretty easy, simply go and set one up with another email address. Once you have done this, you will be able to delete the app from your mobile device, install again and register using your new Facebook account.

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