Whats Background Check on Seeking Arrangement

Whenever you use any dating site, it is always advisable to be cautious when arranging to meet people for the first time. In this respect, sugar daddy sites are no different than any other type of online dating websites.

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The potential for finding a scammer exists on any social website. Fortunately, though, the best sugar daddy sites, like Seeking.com , help protect you against scammers by providing a background verified badge feature and allowing you to report and block users, making the platform one of the safest sugar daddy sites on the web. The site also has an exclusive Diamond Membership scheme that provides further evidence of the background of wealthy sugar daddies.

Gaining the background verified badge on your profile will improve your chances of finding a suitable sugar daddy or sugar babe. Here is everything you need to know about the background check on Seeking.com.

What is SeekingArrangement Background Check

Whenever you use a dating site, there are two potential risks that you face. The first danger that you might encounter on a dating site is that of a scammer who has created a fake profile to lure you into a relationship, which is known as catfishing. The second danger is that you do not know if the person is a safe person to date.

The background checks on Seeking.com are extensive. The system confirms the person’s identity and address. It also checks for evidence of any criminal records for the individual at their current address and previous addresses. Verified members are also checked against the National Sex Offenders Registry.

So, when you see the Seeking.com Background Verified, badge, you know that the person is real, and they have never been convicted of a serious or dangerous crime.

How to Do Background Check on Seeking.com

Gaining the background verified badge on your Seeking Arrangement profile is straightforward. And, the personal information that you provide for the service is not disclosed to any third parties, so the process is secure. Here is a step-by-step guide to running a background check on Seeking Arrangement:

1. Mobile

You can apply for a background check on either a mobile device or on your desktop computer. Unfortunately, the background check option is not available on the Seeking arrangement app. Here’s how to start the background check process on a mobile device.

  • 1. Log in to Your Account

    First, log into your Seelking.com profile, or sign up for an account if you have not already done so. If you are a new user, you will need to provide some necessary information about yourself before you can complete the registration process.

    Log in to your seeking account on a mobile

  • 2. Click on Your Profile Settings

    Click your profile photo to edit your profile settings.

    Click profile setting on mobile

  • 3. Click “Background Check”

    Within your profile settings, you will see an item.

    Click background check on mobile

  • 4. Complete the Optimum Screening Form

    When you click on the “Background Check” option in your Seeking Arrangement profile, you will be redirected to the mobile version of the Optimum Screening app . Complete the form, make the payment, and the rest will be done automatically for you.


2. Desktop Browser

The process of getting a background check on Seeking.com is very much the same on a desktop computer as it is on a mobile device.

  • 1. Log in to Seeking Arrangement

    Log in to Seeking.com or sign up for an account if you do not already have one.

    Login on desktop computer

  • 2. Edit Your Profile Details

    Click your photo at the top right-hand corner of the page and select edit your profile.

    Edit your profile details on desktop computer

  • 3. Select the Background Check Option

    Select the background check option in your profile details.

    Select the background check on desktop computer

  • 4. Complete the Required Fields

    Once you have been redirected to the Optimum Screening page, complete all the required fields, make your payment, and submit your application for a background check.


What Does Seeking Arrangement and TCLogiQ Check For

The Seeking Arrangement background verification is carried out by the background checking company TCLogiQ . The background check is more comprehensive than most other dating sites, which is why Seeking.com has a reputation for being one of the safest sugar daddy dating sites.

The background check includes verification of current address and checks for criminal records. The system is designed to ensure the safety of Seeking Arrangement members, so it looks specifically for evidence of dangerous activity, such as assault, sexual or domestic violence. Minor misdemeanors, like parking and speeding tickets, though, will not result in you failing the test.

In addition to the criminal record checks, the system will also check for any outstanding international warrants. And the user’s name will be run against the National Sex Offenders Registry. Seeking.com background checks are available for both users in the US and international members.

What is an Address Trace

Before a Seeking Arrangement member is granted a background verified status, the TCLogiQ system will also run an address trace.

The address trace checks the records held for the previous addresses of a member. This in-depth background checking is another way of ensuring that scammers cannot get a background verified status. It also checks the historical criminal records at different addresses.

How Easy Is It to Become Background Verified

Getting background verified on Seeking Arrangement is a straightforward, 3-step process. It is well worth completing the process, though. Some users of Seeking.com will only take notice of people with diamond membership or block you if you are not a verified user.

The first step is to submit your details to the TC LogiQ website, which is the partner organization of Seeking Arrangement that provides the background checking service. Then, you must wait a few days for the background check to be completed. And, if you have passed all the tests, you will get the verified badge, which shows other members that your background report showed that you are a safe and genuine person.

How Much Does It Cost

You do have to pay for a background check on Seeking.com, but the price is very reasonable. If you are a sugar baby, the fee to be checked for a background verified badge is only $25. The cost of the service for sugar daddies is $50. The background check fees are not included in the general membership fee of Seeking Arrangement.

How Long Does It Take

The Seeking Arrangement background check will usually take about three days to complete. The checking process can take longer, sometimes up to fourteen days, but this is not necessarily a sign that there is anything wrong.

When you first sign up with TC LogiQ, you will receive an email confirming that the check is underway. Then, you will receive another email when the background check has been completed. If you have passed all the tests, then a background verified badge will be added to your public profile.

Should I Get a Background Check on Seeking Arrangement and Why

Seeking Arrangement is one of the safest sugar daddy dating sites. But even though Seeking.com is safe, scammers and fakers do still sometimes manage to get profiles set up on the site.

The background verified badge is the best way to let other users know that your attentions are honest and that you are not a scammer. And the cost of getting a background check done is a lot less than the cost of Diamond Membership .

Having a background verified status will tell other users that they can trust you. They will know that there is no need to block you and that there will never be any reason to report you. So, you will likely get a lot more interest shown in your profile form other verified users.

So, if you are serious about finding a sugar baby or sugar daddy on Seeking.com, we recommend paying for a background check.

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