Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Splenda Daddy

A Splenda Daddy is a man who is usually older than you are, although he doesn’t have to be, and is in a different wealth bracket to you. He is going to spoil you, although probably not too wildly. He is going to treat you to lovely things, but maybe not too often. He is going to look after you to the best of his ability, and do the best he can to love you. He might not buy you the latest iPhone, like a Sugar Daddy would’ve done, but he’s going to do the best he can!

He is an alternative to a Sugar Daddy!

what is a splenda daddy

Where Did the Word Splenda Daddy Come from

It’s actually a funny story and in the world of dating, there are loads of funny stories. Splenda is the name of an artificial sweetener. It is an artificial sugar. A Splenda Daddy is therefore an artificial, or a replacement, Sugar Daddy. We prefer to call it alternative!

Differences Between a Splenda Daddy and a Sugar Daddy

There are a few differences between Splenda Daddies and Sugar Daddies! When you meet a man, perhaps on a dating site like www.sugardaddymeet.com you will be able to tell fairly quickly what kind of man he is.

If you are looking for something specific in a man, don’t be shy to say so. Tell them what you are looking for. - a Splenda Daddy as opposed to a Sugar Daddy. Ask the man what he is looking for! Don’t be shy!

To make your life a little easier, here are some of the differences to look out for, between a Splenda Daddy and a Sugar Daddy.

  • 1. A Splenda Daddy Will Treat You Differently

    A Splenda Daddy may not have as much money as a Sugar Daddy. Sometimes, this can be a good thing. A Sugar Daddy is busy making money; he doesn’t have so much time to spend with you. Splenda Daddies usually treat their women better because they have more time! They treat you pretty good.

  • 2. The Gifts From Your Splenda Daddy May Not Be As Expensive

    Look, it’s true that a Sugar Daddy gives more expensive and luxurious gifts to his sugar girl. He can afford to do it. A Splenda Daddy is not as lavish. He may hold back a little on the latest smart phone, or the perfume he buys you. The perfume may even be fake! But you do know the gifts, when he gives them, will come from his heart, and not just from his wallet.

  • 3. You Are Probably Going To Be Your Splenda Daddy’s Only Girl

    Sugar Dads are great but don’t be mislead for a moment. You are probably not the only sugar that the dad is with! A lot of Sugar Daddies have more than one girl, and this is fine if you are okay with it. Some girls prefer to have a Splenda Daddy where fewer gifts are showered on them, but know that they are the only one. It’s all personal, we guess!

  • 4. Your Relationship With A Splenda Dad Might Turn Into Something Real

    We don’t want to say that the relationship with a Sugar Daddy and his girl is not real, but often, money is the driving factor. So, if you want something that is more genuine, but where you both still get benefits, a Splenda Daddy may be your best option.

  • 5. A Splenda Daddy Might Be Easier To Find Than A Sugar Daddy

    There are no longer thousands of Sugar Daddys around town! They are available, and you might get lucky and find one. But, given the economic situation, you are more than likely to meet a Splenda Daddy than a Sugar Daddy. Be clear about your needs and maybe you will be one of those girls who can take her pick!

Where Does One Find A Splenda Daddy

Well, this is the age old question! Where does one meet a man, whether it be the man of your dreams, a Sugar Daddy or a Splenda Daddy. If you are on the dating market, we think you should try dating sites that offer secret benefits, that are specifically targeting a certain type of man (or woman) and that will quickly give you what you are looking for.

If you have decided a Sugar Daddy is not for you, and you prefer a Splenda Daddy, then look for a Splenda Daddy specific dating site. The recommended sites are www.secretbenefits.com and seeking.com , both being very clear about what a Splenda Daddy is, and what you can expect.

What If Your Choice Is Not A Splenda Daddy

The world is your oyster and you should go for exactly the kind of man you want. We have learned that there are a few things you should do when it comes to dating, especially when looking for a Splenda Daddy.

Be honest about your needs and desires.

Be honest about who you are.

Ask the man to be honest about who he is.

It is okay to be ‘fairly brutal.’ You do not have to speak to every single man on the Splenda Daddy sites, and you can reject men who do not appeal to you. If you are attracting the wrong kind of man, do a few things.

1. Look at your own Splenda Daddy profile to see if it is sending out the wrong message.

2. Look at and see if your photograph on your Splenda Daddy site needs to be changed.

3. Change your Splenda Daddy wording regarding who you are looking for.

Once you have updated your dating profile, if you are still getting messages from the wrong people, then you need to learn how to weed them out and how to reject them gracefully!

Here are a few tips for rejection:

  • 1. Say You Are Lovely But Not The Man For Me

    If you are getting messages from a Splenda Daddy instead of the Sugar Daddy you dream about, then be honest. Tell the man you are talking about that you think he is lovely (if you do) but that he is not the man for you.

    You never know! He might have been dishonest with you and might suddenly change his tune!

  • 2. Give The Guy A Second Chance

    Not everyone is brilliant at using dating sites. It might be your first time on a site and looking for a partner. It might be the guy’s first time on a site. Don’t be too brutal. Everyone gets nervous. Give a guy a second chance before hitting the delete button. And remember, you might have to lead the way, asking a few questions, being a bit chatty yourself.

  • 3. Learn How To Spot The Bullshitters

    You will be able to tell quite quickly if a man is not telling you the truth. If he is promising you Lamborghinis and diamonds, but does not even deliver a hamburger, he is probably not going to be your Sugar Daddy. If the guy misses or cancels two dates in a row, chances are you are never going to meet him. Saying that, you might be happy to keep your relationship online only. Be clear about what you want.

You’ve made the decision to go for the Splenda Daddy. Great, we think it’s a good choice. Just remember to avoid the salt daddies , the guys who spin tales and yarns and never ever give you what you want. GOOD LUCK!

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