What is a Good Allowance for a Sugar Baby

What is a Good Allowance for a Sugar Baby

Sugar babies get into relationships with sugar daddies to get spoilt by them. While, sugar daddies want to be a sugar daddy to get their desires fulfilled. Now this spoiling in technical terms is the ‘allowance’ they receive from sugar daddies in return for the services provided by them and build a mutually beneficial relationship . Sugar babies are usually students or fresh grads who are looking for work or trying to manage their finances while also improving their finances, which can very well be done by sugar daddies or even if you find a sugar mama .

There are multiple types of arrangements a sugar baby and sugar daddy gets into for allowances. Some pay per month, while some pay per-date. The average allowance per date is around $400-500 for those open to sex, while if a sugar baby isn’t open to a sexual relationship they can make $100-200 on each date.


Highest Reasonable Lowest
Monthly Allowance $3500 $2500 $1500
Per Visit $900 $700 $200


Highest Reasonable Lowest
Monthly Allowance $5000 $3500 $1000
Per Visit $700 $600 $300


Highest Reasonable Lowest
Monthly Allowance $4000 $3000 $1500
Per Visit $800 $500 $250


Highest Reasonable Lowest
Monthly Allowance $4000 $2000 $800
Per Visit $850 $500 $300


So, once you have created a profile on sugar dating websites, been on a couple of dates and finally someone clicked you and has agreed on an arrangement with them. But you’re still looking out to dig more out of them, how to do that? Let’s look into some ways for that!

There are different ways through which you can manifest with an allowance. Cash is one of them but others like, gifts, necessary items, etc. are also great ways. You must remember that any sugar relationship that lacks its own unique rules is incomplete. If you don’t want a lot of cash or find it a little awkward, then think of other items you need. Phone, laptop, luxurious outing, holiday trips, and so much more. Regardless of the item, make sure it should be a realistic and reasonable one as you don’t want to sound too greedy. You must show that there are valid reasons why you need a certain thing, and your physical appearance and ‘services’ must not be the only thing for you to deserve them. it can be a dangerous call if you start measuring allowance according to your physical appearance. This will just take you to self-objectification and doubts that ultimately lead to a lack of self-esteem.

Once you have finally met someone that you liked and genuinely like spending time with, you should come up with the discussion of how many times a day are you going to meet. This will lead to setting up an allowance which can be set as an allowance day or call it a sugar day. Now set up the day that this allowance shall take place as it is important for both the parties to set up a day or so where ‘sugaring’ shall take place and just stick by it as well. In this, you can also talk about what will be the means of this allowance i.e. will it be paid via bank deposit, in cash, or through gifts, luxuries, etc. this is something you shouldn’t be shy in but remain savvy at the same time. This isn’t something to feel guilty about, rather when these discussions are made openly things will be clearer between the two of you and any red flags can be avoided easily.

When the sugar day has finally arrived, try planning the day out. However, if you notice that things are beginning to change or your sugar daddy is slowing down, you need to talk about that as well. This matter must not be complicated, rather very open and clear-cut conversations shall be made on this. Come on, you are providing him with what he wants so you deserve what you want in return for those services. Sugar relationships are based on monetary benefits and hence those must be very clearly set up and must not be compromised. On the day of sugaring, if he hasn’t set up cash or bank deposit thing for you and instead you guys have agreed on gifts, trips or holidays, etc. then you must get yourself pampered very well. Visit a spa, have a five-star dinner, might as well spend a night in a luxurious hotel and have the time of your life enjoying all the facilities. Shop your heart out, travel, and what not! There’s so much to do baby!

You can also use a sugar baby allowance calculator. It is a very simple and easy way to calculate how much money you must take at least on your date. Just enters the details of your data including the time spent at the night out, what did you guys do, was there any sexual intimacy involved during that particular date, and any other information you find necessary. Enter all these details and get an amount calculated on its basis. This is the bare minimum amount you must receive from your sugar daddy as fair compensation for spending time with him as his sugar baby. If your sugar daddy isn’t paying you this much, you don’t deserve him, baby, move on!

You are a spark of energy and baby, you deserve it all, trust me! There are many reasons why young girls delve into the sugar business, and whatever of them are yours once you have entered it you must treat yourself as a queen in front of your sugar daddy. An arrangement you make with him must be based on mutual agreement, respect, and benefits. None of you must feel less in any way, as sugar dating is all about meeting interesting people, having fun, and enjoying the time spent together. So, go on and grab it, baby, you deserve it more than you think you do!

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