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  • 1 Month: $44.99.

  • 3 Months: $89.99.

  • 6 Months: $153.99.

  • 12 Months: $263.99.

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NOTE: Only users from the UK, US, Canada and Australia can use the site. Review

SugarDaddie is a dating site that was founded in 2002 and that now has over five million users from all over the world. Its primary user base are wealthy older men who are looking to be sugar daddies and younger attractive women who are looking to be sugar babies.  The nature of these relationships depends on the agreement between the sugar daddy and baby, meaning it can be for dating and conversations or it can be of a more sexual nature. There are also older women who want to be sugar mommas and male sugar babies.

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How Does the SugarDaddie Site Work

When you sign up to SugarDaddie, you will have to fill out your profile, which will contain information like your name, age, whether you are a sugar baby or daddy, and some of your interests or hobbies. 

Once this has been done, you can either wait for people to message you or you can start looking at other profiles and messaging them yourself. The only way to contact other users is through messaging but there are more features like forums about various topics and a visitor feature that lets you see who has recently seen your profile. 

SugarDaddie App

Unfortunately, there is no SugarDaddie app yet. This is not a problem however because the site has been designed to have a mobile version that caters to people’s needs with their smartphone. On the mobile site, you can still look through profiles and message other users to try and find your potential sugar daddy or baby. 

Overall, the fact that there is no mobile app is not ideal but fortunately, thanks to the mobile site, your experience on SugarDaddie will not be hindered if you prefer to use SugarDaddie on your smartphone. 

Website Design

The design of the SugarDaddie website is above average. Black and gold dominate and they are colors that represent wealth and mystery, fitting in very well with the theme. Fonts and icons are quite old-fashioned as the site has not been updated for a long time, but that is only because it has not needed to.

One of SugarDaddie’s greatest advantages is the fact that there are no adverts on the site, even pop-up ads. Most sites of this type do run advertisements so it is refreshing that SugarDaddie does not.

Member Structure

There are members of all ages from all over the world on SugarDaddie but the most common groups are wealthy males from around the ages of 35 to 55 and attractive young women in their twenties. There are also members looking for relationships with people their own age but this is less common. 

Members are mostly from English-speaking countries, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. You will find some members of the Spanish and French countries but English is definitely the most spoken language.

Profile Quality

In a vast majority of cases, the profiles on SugarDaddie are of good quality. By good quality, I mean that they provide useful information about the member without going into too much detail. Up to twelve photos can be uploaded, the profiles can be updated whenever and members can add as many hobbies as they want. 

Another advantage is that non-paying members can still see full profiles. This means you are not missing out on information about possible sugar babies and daddies because you have not paid for a membership, which is the case for some sugar dating sites.

Costs and Prices 

The costs and prices for a premium SugarDaddie membership depend on the length of time that you are buying for. For just one month, the bronze package, it will set you back $39,99 whereas for three months, you would only have to pay $26.66 a month, two-thirds of the price.

If you subscribe for longer than that, then the site continues to provide better value. A gold package, which is for six months, costs $22.49. Finally, the platinum package, the most prestigious one, costs only $14.16 per month for a whole year. If you are considering getting a subscription, it makes the most sense to either go for the silver or the platinum package. 

Free 7 Day Trial
1 Month $29.99
3 Months $19.99/month (33% Savings)
6 Months $18.33/month (40% Savings)
12 Months $14.16/month (53% Savings)

Free Membership Features

SugarDaddie offers several services for free. Anyone without a membership can start an account, add favorites to return to, read messages that they have been sent, search and select profiles, view all their phots as well as being able to read through all the forums.

Premium Membership Features

Premium memberships do not offer a ton of extra features however they do unlock a couple of crucial features. Firstly, you can now post and respond on the forums which is a good place to find people with similar interests and hobbies.

Secondly, and most importantly, with a premium membership, you can message other users. The free membership lets you read messages only, so paying for a membership is essential if you want to talk with other users.

Safety and Security

SugarDaddie tries its best to make sure that no scammers can start an account. Not filling out all the information on your profile makes you at risk of being banned as it is a requirement that you fill everything out. 

Another measure that the site takes is that any photo uploaded to your profile needs to be verified by a moderator. This totally eradicates any fake photos and thanks to procedures like this, there are very few fake profiles on SugarDaddie, so you can be reassured that it is a safe and secure website.


  1. Well established sugar dating site with millions of users.

  2. Very fast sign up process.

  3. Decent offering for free.

  4. Generous and wealthy men, attractive young women.

  5. Very active user base.


  1. Need a membership to be able to message other users.

  2. No mobile app.

  3. Lack of verification of members’ income

Real-life Review

Real-life reviews of SugarDaddie are mixed. Some people state that SugarDaddie is a very good site that has helped them find a good match while others criticize the website for not being good enough. 

A sugar daddy said this about SugarDaddie: “I must say that the site was the one that spiced up my everyday life” while another user had this to say: “If you want to ask me 5 years ago I would have said I give it a five now I give it a three”. The general consensus is that the site is good and easy to use but that it has started to degrade in recent years. 


  1. How Long to Approve an Account on SugarDaddie

    It is very easy to sign up and it takes about five minutes in total. It might take a little bit longer for a moderator to accept your photos, but you should be approved within a couple of days at most.

  2. Is SugarDaddie a Good Website

    SugarDaddie is one of the oldest and most established sugar dating sites in this world, and its reputation speaks for itself. 

  3. Is SugarDaddie Free

    You can sign up for free to SugarDaddie and it has some free features but to be able to message other users, you need to ^get a membership.

  4. Is SugarDaddie Legit

    Yes, Sugar Daddie is a legitimate website.

  5. Is SugarDaddie a Scam

    No, SugarDaddie offers everything as described so it can not be called a scam. 

  6. Is SugarDaddie Safe

    Yes, overall SugarDaddie is safe. Make sure to still be careful, however, as some scammers may be able to navigate through the safety measures.


SugarDaddie has been around for over fifteen years and a dedicated user base of over five million. This alone is enough to prove that it is a site that works as advertised. Ideally, it would be updated to look more modern but the users are generally satisfied so we can conclude that this is a good place to try and start a sugar relationship.

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