Best & Free Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby Dating Apps in 2021

Best sugar daddy dating apps in 2021

Most sugar daddy and baby apps resemble regular dating sites, portraying beautiful single men and women, testimonials flooded all over vouching for their success in finding you a partner, however the graphics and language used are quite different. These are apps to find sugar daddy and the words pamper and spoil shall be seen all around. The emphasis is primarily on a transactional relationship, where a man gets to be with a beautiful woman who gets her bills paid in return. A lot of sugar daddy apps also call these relationships ‘dating with benefits’.

List Of The Best Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby Dating Apps

  • 1. SugarDaddyMeet App

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    One of the oldest sugar dating websites out there is SugarDaddyMeet and it also has one of the best sugar daddy apps for iPhone and Android. One of the most unique features of this app is that it is operable in around 20 countries. SugarDaddyMeet takes several measures to ensure they match sugar dates with only those sugar daddies who can look after and spoil them properly.

    SugarDaddyMeet app is now known as SDM app as they changed their name so the Apple store does not remove them from their app store, being the only sugar daddy app on the store. SDM app team boasts of their extensive experience in making sugar baby and sugar daddy arrangements as the app show some amazing features as well. Among these are first-date ideas, ratings, and a number of proposals by other members. If you are someone who likes to show off, you can even enter their fashion show! While you may get some hate as it is the internet of course, but you will also get some great exposure. The app however does not allow you to initiate messages if you haven’t paid for the access. If you wish to purchase their premium membership, use your account on the mobile apps. The membership will cost you around $50 on the mobile website and $64.99 on the app.

    The app is also great for those who want to be a sugar baby and are looking for an ideal partner. If you are looking for a BBW sugar baby , it is also a good choice.

  • 2. Seeking App

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    It is one of the largest dating app having more than 10 million users. The app caters to both rich men and women looking for attractive, young singles and is among the very few gay sugar dating apps as well. The app is attractive to so many people because it is not intimidating at all for beginners. In fact, they promise direct and discreet interactions with sugar daddies and sugar babies without any strings attached to the agreement. There is also a section where sugar members are given tips to avoid fraudulent people or any fraud in general by experiences sugar daddies.

    Seeking Arrangement is the most popular and most written about the app and thus you shall have no doubts about it. And for that, there is a very good reason. Last year, the app experienced massive growth by around 40% in young women on the app. They claim to have had a quarter of the million students who are looking for a sugar daddy arrangement. This is great for sugar daddies in the, while if you are a sugar baby and sign up with a .edu email, you will also get some perks. For full access, there are two payment options – wealthy member: 28 days for $99.99 and attractive member: 28 days for $39.99.

  • 3. Sudy App

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    Sudy is a sugar daddy meet app that is designed for sugar daddies and babies alike, thus it is also a sugar baby app. It is without a doubt one of the best free sugar daddy dating apps that attract, young beautiful women and successful men, connects both to create a mutually beneficial relationship for them.

    The Sudy app is a much cheaper option than others but still tries to keep up with its exclusivity. You must have a very good profile picture as you sign up as new members get access according to the votes they receive from existing ones. So you must ensure you put your best up as there is a risk of not being voted for but that is still worth having as it keeps the salt daddies out. However, you can also just simply pay the fairly cheap price and get in the door as you like to.

  • 4. AshleyMadison App

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    A lot of people ask is Ashley Madison a sugar daddy app, as it made to the headlines in the recent past, and to answer them, yes! It started with their seedy affair root and became a very different dating app later on gaining some crazy success. They have very tight security, even more than before so people and their experiences remain discreet. AshleyMadison has its focus on being a judgment-free site today, and it lets people be in any and every kind of relationship. It is very popular for their cheating and affair website as well.

  • 5. RichMeetBeautiful App

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    This is a relatively new app as it was launched in 2017, which is specifically for wealthy sugar daddies based in Europe. It gained popularity very quickly and became among the highest-rated millionaire dating applications in the world. Rich men love it the most, but surprisingly there are a few odd wealthy women here as well. According to them, the rich and beautiful belong together and thus they help them connect!

    This dating app brings together not just sugar babies and sugar daddies, but it also matches toyboys and sugar mamas. The app is very popular in English-speaking and European countries and is among the top dating apps in the niche. It also has a blog wherein you can read up about sugar dating. There is a subscription before you can use the app fully, and costs quite a lot as they target rich people mostly.

  • 6. SugarBook App

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    This app promised that they will match all the beautiful sugar babies with wealthy sugar daddies present in their ‘sugar book’. According to users, Sugarbook is among the best sugar daddy apps on android, and they really enjoy looking for matches here. They have a strong emphasis on being a perfect fit for the sugar babies who are goal-oriented and would also like to have some professional development opportunities while being taken care of financially.

  • 7. AgeMatch App

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    Instead of calling themselves a sugar daddy app explicitly, Agematch makes it different and calls themselves an ‘age gap dating’ platform. Here, the relationships are not restricted to only young women and old men rather there is also an option available for young men and old women. The relationships on AgeMeet do not have a similar financial arrangement as usually other sugar daddy relationships do and it can be considered as a free sugar daddy dating app. However, for a premium membership you still need to pay a premium.

  • 8. SugarDaddy App

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    For accomplishes and successful men, looking for women who can nourish them inside out, is the perfect place. This app has been there since the earliest internet days and its retention proves that customers are very satisfied and it has succeeded in making a lot of happy relationships over these years. A big credit for their long standing success also goes to their expansive ability of free accounts.

    At, you get a three day free trial if you are a new user of the app, so you can be sure you like it before paying for the membership. Its platinum membership starts at $39.95/month for all users while the diamond membership starts at $44.95. It is a very good platform to meet your sugar daddies in the US, and will surely make you pay for it after the three day free trial.

  • 9. EliteSingles App

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    This one is a very easy to operate app. It conducts a personality assessment test as soon as you register, based on the five factor model theory. According to your personality traits and other related factors like age, location and occupation it then matches singles with up to three to seven compatible profiles every day. This means that despite other sugar daddy apps, you can just not go for any potential love interest but instead you will have to wait until the app itself matches you to other people.

  • 10. SugarDaddie App

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    Do not confuse this one with the previous one on this list, is running since 2002 and recently also launched their app. You can join their family of five million users across the globe for free. They call themselves an online dating platform for people with mutual interests, instead of explicitly calling themselves a sugar dating app.

    This one was launched back in 2002, and is one of the oldest one of its kind apps for sugar babies and daddies. Being among the pioneer of sugar match making, you can find many testimonials from sugar daddies and babies who were able to match with the kind of people they were looking for. Whatever you are looking for – beautiful women, brutal honesty, youthful sugar daddies, this app has it all! Exploring all these great potentials are just a click away.

Best Sugar Daddy Apps In US

Sugar dating is very popular in the United States, whether you want to find a sugar baby or sugar daddy, you can use the sugar app, then the best three apps are:

1. SugarDaddyMeet App

2. Seeking App

3. AshleyMadison App

Best Known Sugar Daddy Apps In Australia

Australians also have a thing for sugar dating and many sugar daddies and sugar babies are looking for appropriate platforms where they can match with people. There are many apps operating in Australia for sugar dating of which the top three ones are:

1. SugarDaddyMeet App

2. AgeMatch App

3. AshleyMadison App

Top Sugar Daddy Apps In UK

UK citizens also have a thing for a sugar fling, and thus sugar dating apps and websites are very common. There are many apps available for sugar babies and sugar daddies where they can meet and match with each other. The best of these are:

1. Seeking App

2. Sudy App

3. RichMeetBeautiful App

Best Sugar Dating Apps In Canada

Like other countries, sugar dating is common in Canada and sugar daddies can meet sugar babies on apps like:

1. SugarDaddyMeet App

2. SugarBook App

3. RichMeetBeautiful App

Best Sugar Daddy Apps In New Zealand

If you are looking for a sugar daddy or sugar baby in New Zealand, no need to worry as there are many sugar dating apps in the country. The best among all are:

1. Seeking App

2. Sudy App

3. AgeMatch App

How to Choose a Good Sugar Daddy App

Sugar daddy apps have made it very easy for you to look for a sugar dating arrangement according to your preferences. When you are looking to be in a sugar relationship , you should also understand that not all sugar dating apps are the same. Some of them are also scams out there that you need to beware of. If you invest your time and efforts in looking for the right sugar daddy, your experience must be seamless and flawless.

The good news is that there are many lists of sugar daddy apps on the internet where you can get the best apps to find a sugar daddy. The internet is filled with people raving and ranting about their experiences from these sites, so you can make a very well versed decision in to finding the best sugar daddy from the best sugar daddy apps who will spoil you rotten!

Look for apps that have the best security measures, there are many apps that have a verification system for sugar daddies especially and sometimes for sugar babies too. Others also have a monitoring team that keeps an eye on the sugar community on the platform, thus it is safe for all and better to use such apps given the fraudulent activities that happen on such platforms.

There are many apps that offer their services free of cost or at very minimal charges for sugar babies or when sugar babies sign up with an .edu email id. You can easily save up yet enjoy all the benefits and services of these apps if you do a little research and then sign up at a sugar dating app.

If you are residing in Europe or one of the twenty richest countries of the world, then you have an advantage as there are apps that cater to only Europe sugar daddies and sugar babies or those in the twenty richest countries of the world. This way you will be assured that the sugar daddies you meet will be really loaded and your motives can be fulfilled easily!

If you are a sugar mama or a male sugar baby, then do not worry there are some apps that cater to you as well. Look for these apps and go for them as they are very open with their norms and have something for everyone on their platform!

Sugar daddies can choose apps according to how much they can afford for the sugar babies. Some apps do not have any minimum wealth requirements and have very low bidding rates as well. So, you can opt for such apps and easily enjoy sugar dating on such platforms.

Why use sugar daddy apps

Sugar daddy application is a much convenient and quicker way to find sugar daddies or babies around you. You can look for sugar daddy or sugar baby according to your requirements and preferences, at a specific location, etc. It is also a relatively safer way to do so as many sugar daddy apps use security checks to validate if a person is real or scam. Thus, if you are really in to sugar dating, sugar daddy apps are one of the best ways to find a match.

A lot of sugar daddy apps offer their services free of cost for sugar babies, so if you are one you got that advantage and can save up your money yet will still be able to make your sugar daddy hunt. In other words, these sugar daddy apps will send you money.

Many sugar daddy apps do not have any minimum wealth requirement and you can start bidding with as low as $5, so there is no hassle and you can conveniently find sugar babies according to your preference and depending on the kind of money you can manage easily.

Many sugar daddy apps are not just for sugar daddies and sugar babies, rather they also welcome sugar mamas. So if you are a male sugar baby and want to have a sugar mama or vice versa, you can easily hang around one of these apps and find one for yourself.

Members on a lot of sugar daddy apps have been verified for their looks and wealth, so there is a lot of element of authenticity and fraud can be avoided easily. Though there still exists a risk but it is still safer than a lot of other methods of sugar dating.

Some sugar daddy apps operate only in the world’s richest countries which means that the sugar daddies you will get on those would be really loaded. So, your motives of financial compensation can be attained easily with these apps.

Many apps have excellent security, verification systems and a team with multiple moderators who keep a check on the community present on the app. Thus, the element of fraudulent dating is quite covered.

On sugar daddy apps, you can date according to your preferences and freedom. If you want a long term relationship, you can get someone who has a mutual interest or if you just want a casual, short term fling you will easily find many sugar daddies who are there for the same. Getting people with matching interests and mutual motives is very easy on sugar daddy apps.

There are a lot of sugar daddy apps available now which means you can use anyone of them as per your preference. Some have a high women to men ration in their members, while others bring in only verified, established and successful men as sugar daddies on board. Thus, there is a wide variety.

Some sugar daddy apps also offer scientific matchmaking using a questionnaire, i.e. they will automatically match you to people according to your personality and preferences. So, you will get the best of the best according to your requirements!

It is a very convenient method for sugar dating and sugar matchmaking, all you have to do is sign up and your hunt for your desired sugar baby or sugar daddy begins right there, usually free of cost or for just a few bucks which is nothing compared to the kind of service these apps will provide you.

Are Sugar Daddy Apps Safe

Companies, websites and apps who promote sugaring try to present themselves as being just like any other dating site, featuring fun, safe and no strings attached kind of relationships but sometimes the reality might come as different. Sugar dating may turn out ugly sometimes, being filled with harassment, financial arrangement manipulation, sexual assault, or even rape. Sugar dating in itself is not a very safe thing to do, not is it an empowering system rather it is inherently exploitative.


As discussed in this article in detail, sugar dating is a very common norm nowadays and thanks to all these sugar dating apps it is not a difficult task to look for a sugar daddy or sugar baby according to your requirements as well. These apps have made the task a lot simple and easier and safety concern has also been almost eliminated. Given the security measures, verifications and so many more things done by the team of these apps sugar dating has been made a lot more safer for sugar babies today than earlier.

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