Movies About Sugar Daddy Relationships

Movies About Sugar Daddy Relationships

It may seem crazy to think about, but the idea of sugar daddies and sugar babies is by no means a "new" concept". There have been movies about sugar daddy relationships with their girls for literal decades. The only catch is very few of them were actually presented as sugar films! That's right. Probably some of your favorite, "most romantic", films are actually secret sugar films and you never even realized it. Keep reading to see a list of some of the more well-known films and how they show off the sugar baby lifestyle with her sugar daddy.

List of Sugar Daddy Movies

  • SHIVA BABY (2020)

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    A very recent movie, actually coming out in 2020, Shiva Baby is a comedy film about a college senior named Danielle who has a sugar daddy named Max. Throughout the film, Danielle fits a number of the sugar baby traits while Max checks off many of the sugar daddy boxes, including having a wife and paying for Danielle's lifestyle.


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    Her Deadly Sugar Daddy is about a young woman named Bridget that has recently graduated from college. Desperate to find work, she eventually finds herself as the sugar baby to a business tycoon named Anthony Gloss. As one of the more on the nose sugar baby films, this movie goes into the darker potential scenarios of being the sugar bowl lifestyle and notes some of the things these girls have to look out for when meeting their sugar daddies.

  • DADDY ISSUES (2018)

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    A very adult film, Daddy Issues has quite a few sugar bowl tendencies throughout the film. The most apparent is with Jasmine, a young woman that has a sexual relationship with Simon, a drug addict doctor that financially cares for her. The movie is a wild ride with a lot of crazy aspects, however, in terms of the sugar baby aspects, Jasmine is definitely that (among a lot of other stuff).

  • TROPHY BOY (2018)

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    As you can definitely guess from the title, Trophy Boy is about a young man named James who is made into a sugar baby by a man named Mark. The film is one of the few sugar stories that focus on a male sugar baby with a male sugar daddy. It is a short film so don't expect it to be as explorative as others on this list. Still, it clearly hits many of the gay sugar relationship aspects.


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    A recent film that takes a more candid look at the life of a sugar baby, The New Romantic stars Jessica Barden as Blake Conway, a struggling college newspaper columnist who, in an effort to make some money, becomes a sugar baby . She writes about the experience in her column and sets out to see if society has a right to judge these women for what they do.

  • SUGAR SISTERS (2016)

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    Sugar Sisters is a 2016 film that follows three sisters as they enter the world of sugar dating. There, Amalia, Hannah, and Caroline get Sugar Daddies to help pay for their bills and living expenses while also giving them amazing and luxurious lifestyles. This film, more than many others, is very open about its sugar qualities, with even the name of the film being based on the lifestyle. If there is any film on sugar babies and sugar daddies that you should get, this is certainly one of them.

  • MR. SUGAR DADDY (2016)

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    Mr. Sugar Daddy is a film that tells of a man that meets a young Andrezj before falling in love with him. It is a fairly intense story while still sharing many of the sugar baby traits and qualities to it.


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    A philippine romantic drama, Etiquette of a Mistress is a film that follows the lives of 5 mistresses and the level of discretion required for maintaining their luxurious lifestyles with their sugar daddy paramours.

  • SUGAR BABIES (2015)

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    Another great film that shows some of the challenges that arise with being a sugar baby, Sugar Babies on LifeTime tells of Katie Woods who goes to a college campus. There, she realizes just how expensive things are before coming across a British businessman named Giles. Throughout the course of their time, she begins to fall for him before realizing that there is a cost to being with a Sugar Daddy.

  • SUGAR DADDIES (2014)

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    One of the best sugar films to watch is Sugar Daddies. This, and other sugar daddy movies on LifeTime, goes over things from the sugar daddy's perspective, namely when things go awry and a girl winds up dead.


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    Based on the great book by the same name, The Great Gatsby tells the tale of writer Nick Carraway who leaves the Midwest for New York. There, he meets the mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who draws him into the amazing world of the super-wealthy.

    The film is not so much about the sugar lifestyle as the other films on this list but does tell about a wealthy man who showers a married woman with gifts in exchange for her love and affection.


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    The Wolf of Wall Street is another great film for sugar daddies, as it tells of an aspiring stockbroker that becomes extremely wealthy by scamming hundreds of people through penny stocks. Throughout his rise, he abandons his wife for a younger and more beautiful woman who he marries.

  • BURLESQUE (2010)

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    The film stars Christina Aguilera as Ali, a young woman that joins a burlesque club and meets an engaged man named Jack. The two of them grow closer with time, with Jack ultimately starting a relationship with her. While Jack does eventually break things off with his fiance, this is not before he and Ali sleep with one another and he already begins taking care of her.


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    One of the more clearly displayed sugar films, The Girlfriend Experience is about a high-paying New York escort named Chelsea that offers clients a "girlfriend experience". While the film certainly does try to connect sugar babies to escorts and prostitutes a bit more than one would like, every other part of the film is spot on. It includes many parts of the sugar baby world such as creating an online profile , screening clients, dealing with an image consultant, and journalling out dates.


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    In the 2009 film, Gabrielle and her older sister Adrienne live in an orphanage where they stay into their adulthood as seamstresses during the day and cabaret dancers at night. The film is chock-full of sugar baby themes as both girls end up running away with wealthy men who care and provide for them and their lifestyles.

  • SPREAD (2009)

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    Spread is a fun revamp on the sugar baby scenario, this time having a man as the sugar baby rather than as the sugar daddy. It stars Ashton Kutcher as Nikki, a young man living in Hollywood by acting as a sugar baby to several wealthy older women. The movie counterbalances this by the inclusion of Margarita Levieva's Heather, who is also a sugar baby, this time as a woman being paid for by men.

    The 2009 film is great for the sugar collection as it shows how both men and women can be sugar babies depending on the situation and who the "sugar daddy" is. Again, while the movie never outright calls itself as a sugar film, the act of a wealthy patron caring for and providing for the other member in exchange for their time and companionship is clearly on display throughout the film's runtime.

  • IRON MAN (2008)

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    You probably didn't expect this film to make the list. Yeap, even Iron Man has a bit of sugar daddy to him. This film stars Tony Stark who eventually becomes the one and only Iron Man. Throughout the early portion of the film, however, Tony does have numerous female paramours due primarily to the fact that he is a billionaire playboy philanthropist.

  • PRICELESS (2006)

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    Another great film among the many movies about sugar daddy relationships with sugar babies, Hors De Prix (Priceless) is a French film that tells the story of a young woman named Irene celebrating her birthday with her sugar daddy. After he falls asleep, she decides to drink at the hotel bar where she meets the bartender who she mistakes for a wealthy hotel guest. The movie asks whether she should continue her life as a sugar baby or fall in love with the bartender.

    Priceless is a great film as it talks about many of the sacrifices required to become a sugar baby. In the film, Irene is forced to decide whether she should continue looking for a wealthy husband and keep being a sugar baby, or if she should throw it all away for love. It talks about the fact that sugar babies, generally speaking, can't do all of the things that other girls their age can do. While a normal girl may throw her future to the wind and have fun with her friends, a sugar baby knows that her role is to ensure her sugar daddy is taken care of. It's a beautiful story and something every person should watch before looking to start an sd/sb relationship .


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    Certainly not a film you'd expect to be on this list, Talladega Nights tells the story of Ricky Bobby, a Nascar racer, who has everything you could ask for, money, fame, and a beautiful trophy wife. The film isn't as apparent as the others in its sugary tendencies, however, when Ricky ends up losing his money and endorsements, his trophy wife immediately leaves him, getting with his best friend instead.

    While this is certainly worth mentioning, the sugar baby tendencies here are slightly conflated with "gold-digging", and though the two can sometimes cohabitate with one another, this wouldn't be the first film I'd run to for sugar relationships (even if it is hilarious).

  • SHOP GIRL (2005)

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    This 2005 film stars Claire Danes as Mirabelle, an aspiring artist, adjusting to her new life in LA from Vermont. Initially, as the film starts, she is suffering quite a bit due to the incredible costs and her nonexistent pay, but ultimately takes a turn when she meets a wealthy businessman named Ray Porter (played by Steve Martin). The two establish a sugar relationship, with her offering him companionship and devotion while he showers her with gifts and pays for her financial lifestyle. The movie ultimately ends with her breaking up with him due to feeling out of place with his lifestyle and returning to her older boyfriend, Jeremy.

    The film, while never referring to itself as such, greatly follows the sugar lifestyle with the two members looking for mutually beneficial relationship between one and getting it. From the exposure, gifts, and opportunities he offers her and the companionship and devotion she gives him, this is a definite addition to anyone looking for a "best of" sugar collection.


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    While certainly not a perfect comparison due to the different cultures and time periods, Memoirs of a Geisha is another example of a woman effectively taking on the role of a sugar baby and creating an alluring fantasy world for the wealthy businessmen that she entertained.

    The movie tells of a woman named Chiyo and her steady rise throughout the world of the geisha. The movie also distinguishes the difference between prostitution and being a geisha, as, like many sugar babies, she must learn and master many traits outside of simply being beautiful.

  • OCEANS ELEVEN (2001)

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    While it is not as strongly apparent as the other films, Ocean's Eleven also has a bit of sugar baby and sugar daddy tendencies underneath all of the coordinated heist activities. In the film, Danny's ex-wife, Tess, has become Terry Benedict's (owner of 3 casinos) girlfriend. While the movie does have her turn on him at the end, the fact that she clearly is only with him due to his wealth and power clearly makes her a sugar baby by many respects.

  • AS GOOD AS IT GETS (1997)

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    As Good As It Gets is about a wealthy, if rude, writer with OCD that acts as a sugar daddy for his lover throughout the film. He gives her gifts while also paying for her son's health care and taking her on lavish and expensive trips. Very much having the two of them start an sd/sb relationship.

  • CASINO (1995)

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    Casino is a 1995 film that takes place in Las Vegas during the 1970s. In the film, Ginger, a working girl, marries a casino boss who also is part of the Mob.


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    A classic back in the 90s, Basic Instinct is an erotic thriller that tells of a murder and beautiful blonde woman as the suspect. The film is considered as a sugar film as the woman has relations with numerous men, using each for her own benefit.


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    Made in the late 90s, The Josephine Baker Story tells of a poor woman that achieves fame through exotic dance performances. Throughout the film she marries and connects with numerous wealthy and powerful men, from an Italian pseudo-count to an orchestra leader, to an army officer.

  • PRETTY WOMAN (1990)

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    Probably, and ironically, the best showing of the difference between prostitution and what it means to become a sugar baby, Pretty Woman is a 1990s film that revamps the old Cinderella story and adds a little sugar and sweetness to it.

    The film stars Vivian, a prostitute who meets a wealthy businessman named Edward. After a fun night together, Edward asks Vivian to stay with him for the rest of the week. In exchange, he gives her an allowance, beautiful clothing, and so much more.

    The film is great, both as an introduction into the sugaring world as well as establishing a clear distinction between it and prostitution. As stated earlier, Vivian outright starts as a prostitute and is effectively (albeit briefly) turned into a sugar baby before likely taking on a more permanent relationship role. As such, you can see all three different stages and just how fundamentally different they are.

  • SCARFACE (1983)

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    Scarface, while primarily an immigration and drug-lord film, also takes its steps into the sugar daddy world. In fact, Scarface is one of the few sugar daddy movies on this list that focuses on him rather than the sugar baby. In the 1983 film, Tony Montana works his way up to incredible riches before courting and marrying Elvira Hancock, the former mistress of the previous mob boss, Frank Lopez.


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    Released in the 70s, The Last Tango in Paris is a film about a rich hotel owner named Paul that meets a young woman named Jeanne. When they both show interest in renting an apartment, Paul takes it while engaging in a sexual relationship with Jeanne. The two make rules to keep their lives completely anonymous, and only after he abuses and leaves her, do the two later meet and learn about one another. The story ends as a tragedy as, disillusioned by the lack of anonymity, Jeanne tells Paul that she doesn't want to see him again, shooting and killing him after he chases after her.

    While certainly showing some of the more seedy and undesirable sides of the Sugar Bowl lifestyle, Last Tango in Paris is a great film that presents many of the requirements of a sugar baby as well as a sugar daddy while also some of the different aspects of their relationship.

  • CLEOPATRA (1963)

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    Based around the 1963 version of the story, Cleopatra tells of the young woman seeking Caeser's support in Egypt. After hiding herself in a rug, she reveals herself to the Roman Emperor, immediately winning his heart and making her his mistress. Throughout this time, she is well cared for and is declared Egypt's sole ruler.


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    A 1960s romantic comedy, Breakfast at Tiffany's stars Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly and is about a young woman that develops a bond and relationship with her neighbor, a writer named Paul Varjak.

    While the film does not outright refer to her as one, Holly exemplifies many of the sugar baby qualities, spending time with several older, wealthier men. Throughout the movie, this is a source of contention between her and Paul as she decides whether to stay as a sugar baby or to actually marry Paul.

    The movie, like many others on this list, shows many of its sugary elements only after you know what to look for. On top of being a great film with some stellar acting, it is a must-have for any looking to have a quality Sugar Bowl movie collection.

  • GIGI (1958)

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    Another great film that shows the truth about sugar relationships even as early as the 50s, Gigi tells the story of a wealthy businessman named Gaston and a young beautiful woman named Gilberte, or "Gigi". Throughout the film, Gigi slowly becomes accustomed and changed to fit the courtesan lifestyle before ultimately becoming his mistress. Eventually, Gaston realizes his love for Gigi and the two decide to become married.

    Like other inclusions on this list, Gigi is not a perfect or exact representation of the normal relationship between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy, opting to "Hollywoodize" many of the elements. Still, there is much of their sugar relationship on display, complete with him buying her expensive jewelry and her being trained in how to perfectly appeal to men of his status.


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    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a 1953 classic film that includes Marilyn Monroe as the beautiful Lorelai Lee. In the movie, Lorelai and her best friend are showgirls that are striving to find rich husbands. The film does a great job of showing the different parts and aspects of a sugar baby's life as well as the different parts of a sugar daddy as well.


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    Another early 50s film (there sure are a lot of them!) that tells the tale of a sugar baby. This one, titled How to Marry a Millionaire is pretty on the nose! The movie is about a group of sugar babies that move to New York in order to find a sugar daddy. The romantic comedy stars Marilyn Monroe and goes through the different trials a sugar baby may go through, especially in her early beginnings or while not working with an agency.


Now that you see that there are a ton of sugar movies you didn't even know were sugar movies, let us know which of them is your favorite. If you haven't seen many of these films, check them out. Not only are they great sugar baby and sugar daddy films, but they all also have great stories and are very well acted.

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