How to Find a Sugar Daddy on OKCupid

how to find a sugar daddy on okcupid

OkCupid is one of the top dating sites in the United States. This article will show you how to find a sugar daddy with OkCpuid.

Benefits of using OkCupid to find sugar daddies

Sugar babies keep seeking consensual relationships with truly wealthy sugar daddies. OkCupid is one of the top dating sites where beautiful young women can always find sugar daddies. Here are some benefits of using OkCupid.

  • 1. A high percentage of active users.

    OkCupid has a large and active user base. With about 10 million Jesus from the USA and 1 million daily logins, there are better chances of finding wealthy sugar daddies ready and able to spoil their sugar babies with benefits.

  • 2. OkCupid Mobile app

    With the mobile application available on the Apple store and Google play store, you don't always have to be on the website. The application offers great features with modern interfaces for a great user experience. The most interesting part is that the mobile app offers the same features as the website content making, chatting, flirting, and easy communication. With easy access to profiles and messages, sugar babies and sugar daddies can easily find a match.

  • 3. More men than women.

    The proportion of males users on the website is almost twice that of females. With that, sugar babies have more opportunities to find genuinely wealthy sugar daddies. Men are never scarce on the platform, making it less stressful for sugar babies to meet up with wealthy men on the platform.

  • 4. Security and privacy.

    The website takes the privacy and security of its members as a priority. They do not share user information with any third party. Members can avoid Inappropriate and unwanted messages or texts from other users. You can only receive messages from other users they have liked. This helps to increase security and reduce threats from fake accounts.

  • 5. Average subscription rate

    The premium subscription fees are average when compared to other websites. Since the website is not totally free, sugar babies can find true and serious sugar daddies to provide them with money and other benefits.

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  • 6. Free services

    OkCupid is not totally free, but the website offers free services. Some of the free services are account registration, messaging other users match searching, and browsing member profiles. To enjoy more features on the website, users need to subscribe. Some of the services that are eligible for fee-based uses are; message read receipts, daily auto-boost, message pretty, participate in Double Take, no ads, and message priority.

How to write your profile as a sugar baby

OkCupid is a dating site that is largely occupied by young people between the ages of 20 - 34. The website is definitely not the best place for sugar dating relationships because solicitation and requesting gifts are prohibited. However, operating a sugar baby or sugar daddy account requires some scope. You cannot directly indicate on your profile that you're seeking a sugar daddy or sugar baby; you can get banned. There are some words to avoid writing on your profile when you're looking for truly wealthy sugar daddies.

it doesn't fully support sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships

Avoid using extremely flirty words, and don't make your profile flirty.

Don't directly state that you're interested in older men.

Avoid words like "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" on your profile.

Do not write that express solicitation.

Rather, you should talk about travel, fine dinners, and vacation.

For example:

About me: I'm a young lady open to an arrangement with someone who can be a mentor and a little help in life.

About my match: Experienced man that can offer mentorship, care, vacation opportunities, and be helpful with goodies of life.

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Top 3 sugar dating websites similar to OkCupid

  • 1. Sugardaddymeet is also a top sugar dating site founded in 2007. The website has a large member base of 4.2 million users. The website focuses mainly on creating a platform where sugar babies can find sugar daddies and vice versa. Describe difficult to find sugar mummies or gay sugar daddies. The website is functional in the top 20 countries with the highest living standards, making it easier to find truly wealthy men and genuinely beautiful young women who seek sd/sb relationships . The website has been upgraded and updated to modern user interfaces, making it more attractive and easier to navigate. Signing up and creating a profile on this platform is simple and easy. Individual user profiles are detailed, and you can also upload photos from Facebook.

    Like other top dating sites, office free services. But only paid subscribers can enjoy full features on the website.

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  • 2. Seeking is also a top dating website with great females to males. The website also has relatively high and very active members sort by recently active in the search bar. The verification process on this website is strict, making it less frequent to find fake accounts. The website offers free gold membership for college women. Video chat is available to verified users. is a prestigious dating website where sophisticated, wealthy, and successful men find pleasure in having consensual relationships with young and attractive women and have no problems in spoiling them with goodies. READ THE FULL REVIEW .

  • 3. Sugardaddy has always been in the business of connecting young women with older men who are willing and able to cater to their needs. Sugar dating relationships are not traditional relationships where true love and much more are expected. The website allows users to chat, flirt, and meet people they are interested in. The website is easy to navigate with a good user interface and a great user experience. offers free services, but there are more great features to enjoy with a fee-based subscription. READ THE FULL REVIEW .

In conclusion, OkCupid is a top dating website, but it doesn't fully support sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships. However, there are wealthy and successful older men seeking beautiful young women and are ready to spoil them with sugar dating benefits . Signing up is fast and easy. With the right words on your profile, you can easily attract sugar daddies rather than younger men. With the website's large member base, it remains one of the top dating sites you can scope your way to enjoy sugar dating relationships.

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