Meaning of SD, SB and Other Slang in Sugar Dating

Meaning of SD, SB and Other Slang in Sugar Dating

It's important that you familiarize yourself with the common sugar slang and acronyms, so you won't be left behind. Below are common sugar slangs, terms, and acronyms .


SD stands for sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is a generous older man who is wealthy enough to spend lavishly on his sugar baby and sometimes act as a mentor in return for a company or sexual favors. There's always a mutual agreement between a sugar daddy and his sugar baby, which eventually leads to a sugar relationship with or without any strings attached.


SB stands for Sugar Baby. A sugar baby is a young female or male that receives monetary and material gifts from sugar daddy/mommy. Sugar babies enter into traditional or "no strings attached" relationships with their sugar daddies/mommies, offer company and sexual favors, and get financial benefits from their sugar daddies. They enjoy expensive gifts, vacations, and the luxury lifestyle of their sugar daddies/mommies.

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SM stands for sugar mommy. A sugar mommy is an older woman who is willing and able to generously spend lavishly on her sugar baby (usually a younger man). She is wealthy enough to provide money and material gifts for a sugar baby in return for company and sexual favors. Some sugar mommies sick commitment while others do not.

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SDM stands for SugarDaddyMeet. SDM is a popular dating platform where sugar daddies who are willing and generous enough to spend lavishly can meet young and beautiful sugar babies for an arrangement. Sugar babies can always look up to sugar daddies as a mentor and to upgrade their lifestyles.


SA stands for SeekingArrangement. SA is the world's largest sugar dating site with over 50 million users worldwide. The website is a large online community that focuses on connecting wealthy and successful older men with a truly attractive young woman for sugar relationships, with the purpose of a company, mentorship, and monetary benefits.


PPM stands for "pay per meet." This is a system where a specified amount of money is given to the sugar baby by the sugar daddy/mummy for each date. Instead of a monthly or weekly allowance, the sugar daddy/mommy pays their sugar baby an agreed sum of money per date. Payment is made mainly by cash.


Big Beautiful Women. This term is used for big-sized women. BBW is used largely in online dating communities to denote fat women with beautiful curves. BBW can confidently express and flaunt their thick bodies on various dating sites without been intimidated or body-shamed.


Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women. SSBBW is a sub-genre of BBW. It's used for women that weigh more than 400 lbs. For example, if Tacha weighs 240Ibs, she's considered a BBW. If her sister weighs 407Ibs, she's considered an SSBBW.


POT stands for Potential sugar daddy. A POT is yet to mutually agree on an arrangement with a sugar baby. You remain a potential sugar daddy until you eventually set a date with that sugar baby and try to work out the chemistry between you both. If you are yet to find a sugar baby, you're a POT.


No Strings Attached. This is popularly known as "friends with benefits." It's a mutual agreement between two parties to put their emotions aside and not let them get involved in their arrangement. It's something outside a traditional relationship where both parties go out together, have fun, and maybe sleep with each other. It's not necessarily a transactional arrangement. The bottom line is that there is no commitment in the relationship.


Friends with benefits. This is a kind of relationship that involves a mutual agreement between two people, which involves intimacy, but both parties are not committed to each other in any way. It's like the opposite of a traditional relationship. In this type of agreement, emotions are not attached. Both parties could enjoy company, vacation, gifts, and sexual benefits.


This is the kind of mutual relationship in which both parties can equally take advantage of it. Most sugar dating relationships are mutually beneficial ones where the sugar daddy and sugar baby are both at an advantage. it's like the opposite of a one-sided relationship

Splenda Daddy/Mommy

A Splenda Daddy/Mommy is a man/woman who struggles to be a sugar daddy/mummy but doesn't meet the financial, professional, or personal requirements of a sugar daddy/mummy. The major setback is fund. Even when they are loving, caring, and understanding, they cannot provide for their sugar babies' financial and material needs.

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Salt Daddy/Mommy

Salt Daddy/Mommy is like a fake sugar daddy/mommy. They pretend to be financially buoyant and try to impersonate as a wealthy person, but they are broke and have no plan to provide any financial or sugar baby benefits. They are mostly deceitful, intending to make fake promises and deceive sugar babies. Many of them are always quick to ask for nude and eventually provide no benefit.

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Allowance is the specified amount of money a sugar baby receives from a sugar daddy, usually regularly (weekly, biweekly, or monthly), unlike the "pay per meet" where sugar daddy has to pay on every meeting occasion.

Platonic Sugar Daddy

A platonic sugar daddy is always interested in a romantic relationship but not intimacy. Many people think that platonic sugar daddies do not exist because most sugar daddies will always want sexual favors in return. But they truly exist and are willing to spend, provide gifts and act as a mentor without demanding sex in return.

Platonic Sugar Baby

A Platonic Sugar Baby is not available for commitment or intimacy with a sugar daddy. She hopes to find a generous sugar daddy that's willing to be in a romantic relationship with her and provide sugar baby benefits without demanding commitment or sex.

Gay sugar daddy

Gay sugar daddies are older men that are interested in younger men. These older men are financially successful and can provide monetary benefits, luxury lifestyle, and gifts for their gay sugar babies. They prefer to be involved in sugar arrangemnet with male sugar babies rather than females.

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Gay sugar baby

Gay sugar babies receive gifts, money and enjoy luxury with their gay sugar daddy. Various dating websites support gay sugar dating while others do not.

With these acronyms, slang, and terms defined, you would understand them when used and know when to use them.

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