How to Find a Unicorn: Best Unicorn Dating Sites & Tips

Best unicorn dating sites & apps


Understanding the term unicorn in dating is usually to come to terms with how challenging it can be to find one. Unicorn is usually associated with fairy talks as a mythical horse having a really pretty horn on its head. The creature is exceptionally rare to find in fairy tales and some of them might even go as far as questioning their existence in reality. Unicorns are obviously just a fantasy creature and not something that exists in the real world, but when it comes to dating unicorns do exist but looking for a female unicorn can be very difficult.

People often have questions like how to find a unicorn woman, how to find a unicorn girl, where can you find unicorn, where to find unicorn relationship, where to find unicorn female, where to find unicorn for couple, where to find unicorn girls and what not. The reality is that it is an exceedingly tough task and one needs to find someone who is attractive not just to you but also your partner. It is also very important to make sure their comfort with entering an already romantic relationship seamlessly. The situation can be very sensitive and most people are in fact not wary with this idea of becoming a unicorn. Open relationships and polyamory are quite specific lifestyles and thus polyamory looking for unicorn is not simple.


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  • 1. BICUPID
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    According to the information we have, Bicuspid is also a unicorn dating site and also has a dating app for unicorn lovers especially for bisexuals and couples looking for a third one for them. Premium membership is although required to fully enjoy all features of this website.

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    When looking for a unicorn, this can be the best place to find a unicorn where there is the lease pressure when in a situation for couple seeking for unicorn without offending anyone. All are present there for more or less the same reason, and although you might feel a little unorthodox if you have just gone to find unicorn on tinder, the blunt advertising made by AFF will at least mean that you need not provide any explanations for the relationship type you are looking for. The best way to meet a unicorn is through such niche lifestyle websites only where there is a lot of interaction with single people and single girls in particularly.

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    Formal his and hellos can be very frustrating for someone who just wants to get someone to have fun with. BeNaughty allows you to like if you want someone to hook up with or skip it if you don't like it. This sugar mommy dating website provides an encouraging experience for all of its single users. You can get any type of sexual experience that you want. This site will help you find your sugar momma for free. There are no long-term commitments for users on this website. Additionally, if you are tired of exploring one type of woman, BeNaughty will simply change the entire dating environment to provide you with the best dating experience.

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    As mentioned earlier in response to ‘how to find a unicorn online’, that best way to find a unicorn is through such websites and ashleymadison doesn’t fail. It is a discreet, active and legitimate site where one can very easily find a poly couple seeking unicorn, couples seeking unicorn, married couple seeking unicorn fun, unicorn looking for couples or vice versa for all.

  • 5. ALT
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    This one is also a great choice if you are out to find a unicorn dating website. The sexual community is large and open minded whom you can connect with very easily. There is a variety of features which can be used to your advantage but will have to pay for a subscription to use most of these.

  • 6. FEELD
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    To find unicorn threesome, a dating expert once suggested feeld as one of the best website to find unicorn. You don’t have to really wonder on how to find unicorn threesome, how to find unicorn for sex or where to find unicorn threesome as you have already been landed at the best place to find unicorn to date. The app has some excellent features and will also give you tips to find unicorn. When you explore, you will find there is a lot more to this one!

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    The LGBTQ community also has to find a bisexual person and when a lesbian couple looking for unicorn they will face a lot more difficulty than you can think of. It can even help when wife looking for unicorn to share with husband, couple looking for unicorn guy or simply a single looking for unicorn relationship which can be tough at the beginning.

  • 8. TINDER
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    This is a US based social networking and online dating platform allowing anonymous users to like, dislike or swipe on other users’ profiles which usually is either a short bio, photo or their personal interests. Messages can be exchanged when two profiles have been matched. You can find people from a wide range of interests and purposes on tinder including unicorn women looking for couples, those with unicorn mentioned in dating profile, swinger couple looking for a unicorn, herpes couple looking for a unicorn, those looking for a unicorn on tinder, those with a swinger lifestyle or threesome lifestyle.

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    When it comes to dating apps unicorn hunting, this is your forum best way for couple to find unicorn. We see around us that many women find unicorn, husband and wife find unicorn so this is your go to app to find unicorn.

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    Unicorns are for very unconventional people, so when looking for unicorn females or looking for a Third to add to your couple, you should enjoy the entire process as well. This one makes sure that the process is fun and enjoyable for you rather than being a challenge or a troublesome thing to go through. You will make friends if you are not able to find compatible unicorns for yourselves because that is how the community is built. The people here are so helpful and good to each other, thanks to the stringent control implemented. You can use features like group chats, voice and video chats, IM and what not all for free.

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    This one caters to those who are looking for polyamorous dating in addition to having excellent features which make the place a lot more fun than one would think of this process to be. When a mf looking for unicorn, fm looking for unicorn bois it will be the best one for couples looking for unicorn apps. The process is simple, easy and super fun!

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    This platform has blogs, forums and calendars as some of the most popular features. These can be used to chat, meet people, schedule meetups or just to talk about anything and everything you wish to. If you opt for a VIP membership, you can unlock the unlimited private messaging feature as well in addition to photo and video gallery access with a VIP badge on the profile which will let others know that they can send unlimited messages to you.


In relationships, a unicorn or ‘unicorning’ is when an individual enters a polyamorous relationship with the purpose of participating in sexual activities with the existing couple. To rephrase it, a sex unicorn joins a couple with the intention of either forming a triad relationship or to have threesomes.

The term unicorn is used for this due to the connotation of the word being associated with a very rare mythic creature. If anyone thinks about it, it is very rare to find any woman who is looking to have sex with any couple with the intention of sex and threesome but not being involved in a relationship or any continual commitment. Some females also often feel awkward when entering in such arrangements. Usually unicorns are referred to as women but they can be from either genders. The most preferred choice for a unicorn however is a bisexual woman which is preferred by heterosexual couples in their poly relationship.


Unicorn hunting is when a couple – male or female, or both are looking for another person to be included in their relationship permanently. This forms a triad with the couple and all three of them have sex in group. The couple however isn’t really looking for having threesome with anyone, rather those going for unicorn hunting i.e. couples seeking unicorn are particularly finding bisexual women and are looking for someone who is pansexual.


Before entering a unicorn relationship you must understand and realize the fact that no two people are same anywhere and thus no two relationships can be equal in any terms. You must ensure that your individual relation with each of the person in your poly relation has enough space to grow and be free of any demands of preserving equality among all.

An example for this can be demanding dates at the same time with both the members. Couples also keep a track of spending time with each of the half, the activities being done with each and what not which can turn out to be devastating. These things lead to the couple struggling with viewing themselves as individuals instead of a single unit and this problem hinders in forming an authentic and beautiful bond that shall between each of them. When you are in a similar situation and feel like you are a toy which is being passed to one another by the other two having no say of your own in terms of whom do you want to spend more time with, then you must rethink on if you are in the right place for yourself.

Threesomes can be amazing and a lot of fun but if there are any terms like not being allowed to have sex with either of them without the third one being there, then this is a double standard which will not let you guys stay together in the long run. The novelty of group sex can in fact wear off in some time and you might later on resent the couple for not providing you with equal privileges as the other.

This brings us back to the issue of four relationships, which means that individual relationships also have to be nurtured which includes being nurtured in the bed as well. You may even extend this to things like not being allowed to even hang out with just one of them or half the couple or not experience or explore new stuff together unless all three are there.


When engaging in any kind of sexual relationship with a partner, whether one, two or as many as it gets the basics remain the same, i.e. each one of those involved has to navigate through the others’ desires, set boundaries amongst one another and communicate. If this search has to be successful for you in terms of being positive, respectful and safe then you must work on the relationship from the above aspect mentioned.

Ask yourself questions like what am I looking for and ensure that both you and your partners are on the same page by all means. You must talk about everything and how things will be handled in case one ends of getting hurt or jealous of the other. Only then you must start your search for the third partner.



    When you make a dating profile for finding a unicorn, you must mention this identity as a polyamorous, heterosexual or bisexual couple in the bio. This enhances the chances for you to find a unicorn match of your choice and also for people to open your identity. The kind of relationship you are seeking shall be mentioned quite boldly in the title. This is particularly attractive to those who are looking for a quick thing.


    This element is specifically important for a hookup profile when you want others to browse in yours. A unicorn hunter on dating site must show up as clear with their loving couple pictures which will be worth more than a thousand words. Unicorns prefer entering loving and stable couples’ relations and thus you might attract to them. Show off about your lifestyle like food, travel, sports and what not.

    The pictures you post of yourselves must be very intuitive and make it easy for others to recognize you both by the picture, which is not thought of by many. People often use picture of sceneries, and aesthetic things instead of themselves which should not be the case ideally. People not even initiate a conversation with such profiles let alone becoming their unicorn. Regardless of how you look like, when you are in a social community there are always other and much more profile pictures that you will find for your own unicorn date.

    The picture can however also depict the kind of person you look forward to become or aspire to be and then mention the intention of using the picture in your bio. An example for this can be to use travel photos which depict exotic scenery and tells others a fact about you that you are in to travelling, outdoor sports and activities like that. A great idea would also be to set the picture of threesome dating which will speak out loud about you guys intending to look for a unicorn with whom you can have some amazing threesome dating fun.


    When you are looking for a unicorn, your words must be very well thought of, specific, sincere and succinct to describe the elements of your profile. An example can be ‘we are a loving couple, bisexual in nature seeking a respectful, mature, authentic woman as our unicorn’. Only such sincere words will help you get the kind of unicorn partner you want.


    If you guys as a couple want to approach a unicorn, there must be a preset list of rules in your minds to avoid any trouble later on. When looking for a potential unicorn, your boundaries must be said out very clearly. You can also plan a date or an offline meeting once you have reached an agreement, for further betterment in this regard.



    A couple in the 20s, looking for a polyamorous relationship with a bisexual woman. We are fun loving and have good humor and hence appreciate the same in others as well. A bisexual woman in her 30s with a good humor and great going with the two of us will be an excellent one for us. However, if you are a guy around 35 or above, we can consider that as well. We love to travel and explore new places, spend night clubbing and work during the day. We are true workaholics but spend nights for fun.


    We are a couple in our 30s, desperately in love with each other but now looking for some excitement and go beyond a mono-relationship. We are looking for a bisexual woman to become our unicorn and spend the time of our lives. As people, we are great foodies, love going out and about and are always on the go. We love to explore new and exciting stuff, in regular life as well as our sex life.


Choosing the best unicorn dating site is a task on its own. A great approach can be to check out the review on some websites. The reviews of users already present or those who have used the service can help you make an informed choice with a firsthand experience of someone. This information will also help signing u, knowing the logistics about the site and other useful information as well. Moreover, you can also see how inclusive a certain dating site is or how inclusive the community present seems to be. Again, this information can also be found in the reviews about the website and help you choose accordingly as per your interests and preference.



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